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Maryland Field Hockey | Goals for Griff

It all started with a little pushing and shoving at daycare, but that day probably saved his life. Griffin Greenwalt is a 6 year old boy full of life, spunk, and energy. On Friday, Feb. 8, 2019, Griff’s mom Jayden (sister of Kyler Greenwalt) rushed him to Anne Arundel Medical Center due to an extreme amount of pain in his side.  Scans revealed a growth on his kidney the size of a large orange and a devastating diagnosis of Wilms Tumor, which is a type of childhood cancer that starts in the kidneys.  Griff was promptly rushed to Johns Hopkins via ambulance and underwent a battery of scans, tests, and blood work. The next day he underwent a six hour surgery to remove the tumor and his entire kidney.  The family’s hopes for the tumor to be contained were dashed with the news that the tumor had burst and the cancer had spread to Griff’s abdomen. During surgery they found small tumors within his lymph nodes, confirming that it had spread further and he was diagnosed stage III. Jayden was then told that Griffin would undergo 30 weeks of chemotherapy and 16 rounds of radiation where he would be sedated. After multiple blood transfusions, weeks and days spent in the hospital, and little scares here and there, Griffin is currently in remission with scans every two to three months to continue checking in. While he still has his port in, the family is hoping that he gets a clean bill of health in October and can finally have his port removed. He and the Greenwalt family are so thankful for all the prayers, wishes, and love they have received throughout this hard process, especially from their Terp family.

*Donations made to the campaign will be split amongst Griffin Greenwalt’s fight against Wilms Tumor and a local cancer foundation chosen by the Maryland Field Hockey team.


8/27Maryland vs UMass Lowell0-
8/29Maryland vs Saint Joseph's4$241
9/3Maryland vs Boston College2$121
9/5Maryland at Duke4$241
9/10Maryland vs UMass1$60
9/12Maryland vs California4$241
9/18Maryland vs Penn State2$121
9/21Maryland vs Princeton4$241
9/24Maryland at Indiana8$483
9/26Maryland at American4$241
9/30Maryland vs Northwestern1$60
10/3Maryland vs Iowa1$60
10/7Maryland at Virginia2$121
10/10Maryland vs James Madison3$181
10/15Maryland at Rutgers0-
10/17Maryland vs Connecticut3$181
10/22Maryland at Michigan State4$241
10/24Maryland at Michigan2$121
10/29Maryland vs Ohio State--

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