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Goals Against Diabetes

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Scoring For A Cure!

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. - This is Shawn Bednard, Voice of your Fayetteville Marksmen professional hockey team.

For my entire life, Diabetes has affected my family, my friends, and now that I am a member of the Marksmen, my community.

While I have been blessed to never had to fight it in myself, I have seen the way it can destroy a person. My father, Walter Bednard, fought Type 1 diabetes for over 40 years before being blessed with a double-transplant in 2016 for a new pancreas and kidney, after nearly losing his life while on Dialysis.

Too many times had I witnessed my dad, a medically-retired blue collar assembly line worker at GM, have a reaction growing up, even with the aid of a pump. Too many times during High School and College did I fear I’d lose my dad before he saw me graduate high school, and then before college.

Too many times was I in the hospital, praying through tears I wouldn’t lose my father today.

Now while his fight is gone, the residual effects of a near lifetime of fighting remain.

Aside from this, my sister Ashley Baxter has been fighting this same disease for nearly eight years. A battle that has been incredibly tough on her, but that she’s been able to get through it thanks to the experience and knowledge of our father.

My best friend growing up Brandon Snyder started his fight just a few years back, and it has changed his life in unexpected ways.

Even as I move here to Fayetteville, our Team President Travis Gortman fights this same disease, as so many in the great Carolinas do.

That’s why I am asking you to join me in Goals Against Diabetes. For every goal the Fayetteville Marksmen score in the 2018-2019 season (exhibition, regular, and playoffs), I will donate $2 to the American Diabetes Association of the Carolinas to help aid local relief and work to find a cure.


DateNameMarksmen goalsEarned
10/19Roanoke at Fayetteville (Opening Night)2$4
10/20Fayetteville at Macon2$4
10/26Fayetteville at Roanoke8$15
11/2Macon at Fayetteville2$4
11/9Fayetteville at Evansville--
11/10Fayetteville at Peoria--
11/17Knoxville at Fayetteville--
11/17Roanoke at Fayetteville--
11/22Fayetteville at Roanoke (Thanksgiving)--
11/23Fayetteville at Knoxville--
11/24Knoxville at Fayetteville--
12/1Peoria at Fayetteville--
12/8Birmingham at Fayetteville--
12/14Fayetteville at Macon--
12/15Fayetteville at Roanoke--
12/22Roanoke at Fayetteville--
12/22Fayetteville at Roanoke--
12/26Roanoke at Fayetteville--
12/29Macon at Fayetteville--
12/29Fayetteville at Knoxville--
1/4Fayetteville at Pensacola--
1/11Fayetteville at Roanoke--
1/12Roanoke at Fayetteville--
1/18Fayetteville at Roanoke--
1/19Roanoke at Fayetteville--
1/25Evansville at Fayetteville--
2/1Fayetteville at Knoxville--
2/2Knoxville at Fayetteville--
2/8Fayetteville at Knoxville--
2/15Fayetteville at Pensacola--
2/21Pensacola at Fayetteville--
2/23Pensacola at Fayetteville--
3/2Fayetteville at Macon--
3/8Macon at Fayetteville--
3/15Quad City at Fayetteville--
3/22Huntsville at Fayetteville--
3/23Fayetteville at Roanoke--
3/29Fayetteville at Birmingham--
4/5Fayetteville at Huntsville--

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