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Get fit with ECO

Family, friends, and colleagues, many of you know that health and weight have been a constant battle. I found a way to start my weight loss journey while attempting to draw awareness towards the nonprofit E.C.O. Employment Community Outreach was founded on December 7, 2015 as a 501(c)(3) Charity. No career complication or struggle is too small as the organization assists with everything from general career prep to salary negotiation trainings.

We had a great launch but resources are limited and we need your help.

In order to ensure E.C.O.’s continued ability to help, I have decided to better myself while contributing to the success of this nonprofit. I ask you to join me in pledging at least a $1 per pound donation to ECO for each pound that I lose. My current weight is a whopping 330 and my goal is to lose 45 pounds by July 8 2018. Combining your pledges with mine, we can keep E.C.O. able to assist those who need it. On top of donating to a great cause, you will also bear witness to my struggle to cut 45 pounds in just over 45 days!

Please feel free to check out Employment Community Outreach’s Facebook page at:


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We are here to ensure college graduates secure the career that allows them to reap the full value of their education.

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