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Gabe Whitlock is biking for change!

A resident of Fairview, NC, Gabe loves to cycle, and is passionate about food justice.

Whitlock will cycle almost 1500 miles this January from his home in western NC to Little Rock Arkansas, in support of hunger awareness, sustainable agriculture, and one farm in Western NC that grows all of its food for charity, The Lord’s Acre, where Gabe was a former intern.

“Why am I doing it? I’m passionate about cycling, and reducing my carbon footprint,” says Whitlock. “I’m also attending an agriculture conference in Arkansas to engage with others about issues of food justice, and I thought a bike tour would be a way to build community and awareness around giving gardens like the one where I’ve been working. These farms can quite literally transform the food system.”

To keep up with Gabe on his journey, please visit:

1/9Easley, SC to Westminster, SC 44.70$24
1/10Westminster, SC to Gainesville, GA57.70$31
1/11Facilitated Conversation--
1/12Gainesville, GA to Smyrna, GA71.40$38
1/13Bicycle Repair--
1/14Smyrna, GA to Taylorsville, GA47.30$25
1/16Gadsden, AL to Huntsville, AL66.40$36
1/17Rest Day--
1/18Huntsville, AL to Florence, AL60.80$33
1/28Tupelo, MS to Florence, AL91.12$49
1/20Tupelo, MS to Holly Springs, MS60.30$32
1/27Rest Day--
1/19Florence, AL to Tupelo, MS88.60$47
1/29Rest Day--
1/30Florence, AL to Huntsville, AL60.25$32
1/31Rest Day--
2/2Gadsden, AL to Taylorsville, GA73.50$39
2/3Taylorsville, GA to Smyrna, GA38.76$21
2/4Smyrna, GA to Gainesville, GA72.20$39
2/5Rest Day--
2/6Gainesville, GA to Toccoa, GA51.80$28
1/8Fairview, NC to Easley, SC66.54$36
1/15Taylorsville, GA to Gadsden, AL 81.30$43
1/21Holly Springs, MS to Memphis, TN52.40$28
1/22Memphis, TN to Forrest City, AR54$29
1/23Forrest City, AR to Little Rock, AR51.70$28
1/24Rest Day/Facilitated Conversation--
1/25SSAWG Conference: Practical Tools and Solutions for Sustaining Family Farms--
1/26SSAWG Conference: Practical Tools and Solutions for Sustaining Family Farms--
2/1Huntsville, AL to Gadsden, AL65.60$35
2/7Rest Day--
2/8Toccoa, GA to Westminster, SC12.88$7
2/9Rest Day--
2/10Westminster, SC to Easley, SC51.70$28
2/11Easley, SC to Fairview, NC67.38$36

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