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Campbell's Eyes Up Campaign - Running Miles to Help Amanda Raffenaud Beat Stage 4 Breast Cancer

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How we can partner together to help Mrs. Raffenaud

Hi. I’m Campbell Hendrix. I’m 13 years old and attend The Geneva school. One of my best friends is Luke. His mom, Amanda Raffenaud, is one of the kindest and most gentle moms I know.

In December, Mrs. Raffenaud found out she has stage 4 breast cancer which had spread into her lymph nodes and bones. Her legs hurt a lot. Mine don’t so I’m going to run a lot of miles to help her fight cancer.

Would you consider sponsoring me for every mile I run? The money I raise will go straight to Mrs. Raffenaud to help pay for her groceries (she juices fruits and vegetables all day long), extra bills and medicine, and absolutely anything else she needs to not feel stress so she can focus on beating cancer.

I’m calling it the Eyes Up Campaign because Mrs. Raffenaud says when life gets really tough and feels too hard to handle, we should lift our Eyes Up to God instead.

Thank you to everybody who has become part of the Eyes Up campaign: Cheree Foreman, Ranie Field, Louisa Terry, Erik and Michelle Barnhart, Allison Hendrix, Amy Frost, Chrissy Martin, Amanda Thompson, Anne Classe, Carrie Barner, Lori Warren, Patsy Grannon, Lou jones, Luke Barner, Abby Barner, Natalia Griem, Keira Reasly, Ellen Geer, Lynn Strong, Beth Logullo, Melissa and Dave Paul, Christine Johnson, Amy and Bob Kyle, Jennifer May, Allison Vollenweider, Deborah Trussel, Julia Patenaude, Chris Stadler, Jennifer & Sarah Pruitt, Alison Kapke, Whitney Dragstrem, Julie Roseman, Cindy Brodie, Jen Graves, Dawn Phillips, Noble Hendrix, Diane Parker, Debbie Halloran, Amy Mierzwa, Jerry Haralson, Ryan Smith, Radhames Lizardo, Michele Selvaggio, Elise Legg, Kathryn Peters, Tom and DeAnne Hutchison, Lindsay Lees, Tiffany Garcia, Elizabeth Robison, Kim Helmling, Laurie Irvin, Elizabeth Robinson, Kathleen Mair, Muffie Austin, Kitty Terry, Diane Chavis, Michael and Vicki Wambach, Lindsay Murphy, Juli Segarra, Libba Luther, Doug Petro, Cooley Fales, Lisa and Rick Troutman, Melissa Deitel, Karen Cunningham, Marilee Mccafrey, Kristen Brown, Robert Wood, Lisa Pridgen, Heather Rudolph, Trisha Dunnavan, Samantha Renfrow, Steve and Christina Gordon, Brady Mitchell, Leigh Wood, Granny Vonnie Hendrix, Lynn Mixon, Laura Bravo, Chloe Wallace, Kelly Zirbel, John & Joni Stadler, Jamie Escobar

6/3June Miles run for Mrs. Raffenaud--
7/1July miles run for Mrs. Raffenaud --
8/1August miles run for Mrs. Raffenaud--

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