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Dylan's Sea Plastic Pledge

Proceeds benefit Montco PA COVID-19 Response Fund and the Colonial Neighborhood Council, facilitated by Destination Conshohocken


Based on 1,158 pieces of plastic, each worth $0.37

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Change the Course - One Pledge at a Time

Welcome to my June 2020 Sea Plastic Pledge campaign. My name is Dylan. I am 6 years old. I love to play outside. My uncle Steve has always taught me to take care of the earth and my mommy takes care of sick people so I want to help by collecting trash in my community. Please help me reach my goal to provide relief to those impacted by COVID-19 in the Greater Philadelphia Area! All funds raised will be donated to the Montco PA COVID-19 Response Fund and the Colonial Neighborhood Council.

Sea Plastic Pledge is a movement aimed at increasing awareness around the ocean sustainability crisis we face as a global community today, and expand mindfulness toward conservation as we go about our daily lives. Clean-up campaigns focused on removing plastic litter from our environment have been used to raise money for charitable causes both nationally and internationally since 2018.

How It Works: Campaigns will run in conjunction with the annual Conshohocken Arts Festival and Car Show - held virtually this year - which will kick off Saturday, June 6, 2020 and run the full month of June. The clean-up will run from June 6th to June 28th, with totals announced as the festival comes to a close. Donation pledges are made per “piece” of plastic litter gathered from community streets, trails, beaches, etc. As an example, if an individual pledges $0.05 per piece of plastic and 1000 pieces (e.g., a plastic bag, Styrofoam fragment, water bottle, etc.) are collected during the clean-up, their pledge will generate a $50.00 donation. Flat donations are accepted as well.

How You Can Support: Supporters can promote the event in three main ways: (1) spreading the word and sharing webpages for the Conshohocken Arts Festival and this campaign program, (2) making a tax-deductible monetary pledge/donation, and (3) organizing a clean-up campaign like this!

Thank you engaging in conscious efforts to promote global sustainability and provide financial aid to those impacted by COVID-19.


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This campaign benefits

Montco PA COVID-19 Response Fund and the Colonial Neighborhood Council, facilitated by Destination Conshohocken

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Contributions made to this campaign are tax-deductible.

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