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Creighton Prep School 3-Point Challenge 2019

Proceeds benefit American Cancer Society

Coaches vs. Cancer 3-Point Challenge

Based on 266 3-Pointers, each worth $54.19

48 pledgers

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Help Creighton Prep School beat cancer on the court!

The Coaches vs Cancer 3-Point Challenge unites college and high school basketball teams from across country for a common cause – fighting cancer.

Pledge for every 3-Pointer our team makes during our campaign or make a one-time flat donation to help the American Cancer Society lead the fight for a world without cancer. Every Shot Counts. Every Life Counts. Make your contribution today!

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High school student-athletes can earn an exclusive Coaches vs. Cancer 3-Point Challenge T-shirt by becoming a Fundraiser on this page and raising $100+ toward the team’s total. Select the ‘Become a Fundraiser’ button below to create your Personal Fundraiser Profile.

Additionally, donors contributing $100+ will also earn an exclusive Coaches vs. Cancer 3-Point Challenge T-shirt!

CVC19 Teeshirt

Individuals qualifying for the incentive will be emailed an order form at the end of the program. T-shirts will be distributed at the conclusion of the 3-Point Challenge. For inquiries, please contact


For over 25 years, the Coaches vs. Cancer program has united basketball coaches and fans nationwide in collaboration with the American Cancer Society and the National Association of Basketball Coaches to defeat a common enemy: cancer. With your passion and dedicated support, the impact has been felt in communities nationwide. Through fundraising and education initiatives, Coaches vs. Cancer has worked together with the Society to help increase the number of cancer survivors to more than 15 million strong. The fi­ght isn’t over, and we need you on our team.

To learn more about Coaches vs. Cancer, please visit

Thank you for your support!


1/2Varsity vs South11$596
1/3Varsity vs Central6$325
1/4Soph Game vs Lincoln Pius6$325
1/4Sophomore Game vs Papio South9$488
1/4Varsity vs Bell West2$108
1/5JV Game vs Millard South4$217
1/5Varsity game vs Millard South4$217
1/7Soph game vs Lin Northstar5$271
1/8Freshmen Game vs Lincoln Northstar8$434
1/8Freshmen Games vs Northwest11$596
1/8Soph Game vs Northwest2$108
1/11Freshmen Games vs Central11$596
1/11Jv Game vs Omaha South9$488
1/12Varsity Game vs Omaha South5$271
1/12Jv Game vs Lincoln Southeast9$488
1/12Varsity vs Lin Southeast7$379
1/15Soph Game vs Westside7$379
1/15JV Game vs Westside9$488
1/16Varsity vs Westside4$217
1/18Soph game vs Millard West3$163
1/18JV vs Millard North6$325
1/19Varsity vs Millard North1$54
1/19Soph Game vs Central8$434
1/19Jv Game vs Central3$163
1/19Varsity Game vs Central3$163
1/21Freshmen Games vs Skutt14$759
1/21Soph vs Skutt7$379
1/23Freshmen Games vs Benson10$542
1/24Freshmen Games vs Lin East15$813
1/24Soph Game vs Benson3$163
1/25JV Game vs Northwest6$325
1/26Varsity vs Northwest10$542
1/26Freshman vs Millard West11$596
1/26JV vs Lincoln Northstar8$434
1/26Varsity vs Lin Northstar10$542
1/29JV vs Mill West7$379
1/29Freshmen Game vs South1$54
1/30Varsity vs Mill West7$379
1/30Soph Game vs South4$217
1/30Soph Game vs Lin East0-
1/31Freshmen Games vs Elkhorn South0-

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American Cancer Society

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American Cancer Society

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The American Cancer Society’s vision is a world free from the pain and suffering of cancer. Our purpose is to achieve it.

Contributions made to this campaign are tax-deductible.

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