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John Katsares is a dear family friend that suffered a severe neck injury on May 11th while biking with his wife and 3 young kids. As a personal trainer and gym owner, he is a health and fitness nut and is giving his all in rehab. Although he is making progress, he has a long road to recovery. John has always been an amazing supporter, friend, and dad so when I heard about his injury I knew I had to do something.... In January, a friend and I decided to test our abilities and start planning a section hike on the Colorado Trail. John was one of the first people I told about my adventure and he has been so excited and supportive. Over the past several weeks John and I have talked about training and the physical demands of the hike.

This journey is dedicated to John.

August 9th I’ll begin hiking 105 miles on the Colorado Trail, climbing over 17,612 feet over a 6 to 8 day backpacking trip. With every step and every mile I’ll be thinking about John and no doubt gathering strength from him. Please consider a pledge, donation, or sharing this link. Thank you, Sara


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