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Chris Gale's Today We Ride Challenge

Proceeds benefit American Friends of Whistler


Based on 1,829 100-vertical feet , each worth $0.75

16 pledgers

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Support my 'Today We Ride' Ski Challenge!

The Downhill Derelicts are teaming up again with the Whistler Adaptive Sports Program, a non-profit group that supports sport for life by breaking down the financial, physical and social barriers for individuals with disabilities. Last year, our event raised $20,000 for Whistler Adaptive Sports Program. This year our group goal is to raise $25,000!

I’m asking you to sponsor me in my quest to win the 2018 ‘Today We Ride’ Challenge in which I am competing against 30+ other skiers and snowboarders to raise the most funds. You can support my campaign by pledging just 1-cent ($0.01) per 100-vertical feet I ski during the five-day ski-a-thon. You can also opt to make a one-time flat donation. Depending on your tax deduction objectives, one-time donations are tax-deductible immediately and a pledge will be calculated and effective as of March 17, 2018. Regardless of your option, I pledge to earn every penny we raise with sweat, grit, and I’m sure some aches and pains. Should you opt for the pledge per vertical foot, please know that I'm targeting 150,000 ft skied over the 5 days. This should give you a good estimate of your potential commitment. While I was able to achieve 150,000 ft last year, it was exhausting and I could barely walk by the end of the week.

++Examples of pledge calculations:++

  • (1-cent per 100-vertical feet) X (100,000 vertical feet skied) = $10.00 pledge
  • (1-cent per 100-vertical feet) X (120,000 vertical feet skied) = $12.00 pledge
  • (5-cent per 100-vertical feet) X (100,000 vertical feet skied) = $50.00 pledge


DateName100-vertical feet Earned
3/12Today We Ride Challenge1,829$1,375

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American Friends of Whistler

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American Friends of Whistler

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We are a grant making non-profit supporting charitable causes in Whistler, BC: health & human services, arts & culture, & the environment.

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