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Help us Bring the STIGMA of Depression...2 EXTINCTION

Depression and Anxiety SUCK!

Over the past 18 months I have dedicated my life to transformation. My life. My fitness. My relationships. MY PURPOSE! I have lost over 70 lb. Quit smoking. Quit drinking. Started and worked my 12 step recovery program. And ultimately sold my very successful company to dedicate my life to helping others suffering.

I suffer from Depression (and social anxiety disorder)!

Until recently, I was unable to even say the word “depression”, let alone admit it to myself and others. Now, I live everyday with authenticity and vulnerability. I am focussed on helping others struggling by racing absurd events across the globe to raise awareness and money to help those who have committed to themselves, NO MORE…I am stronger then this debilitating disorder.

This race is very important to me. About 6 weeks into my training, I suffered a (in most cases) race ending tibial stress fracture. That was unacceptable. I found a way to continue my training thanks to my friends at ElliptiGO. Since my longest event thus far has been a 5k, there is lots to do. But running for this cause gives me motivation and drive everyday to get out of bed, train, and compete for life!

I am running this absurd event for all those suffering who feel shame or embarrassment around depression and anxiety. I feel your pain and want you to know that this race is dedicated to each and every one of you. I promise to leave it all on the course and kick the crap out of depression and anxiety for al of us!


How can you help?

Sponsor my event. The monies we raise for Depression2Extinction will directly impact so many lives bringing awareness and hope. Talks. Workshops. Coaching. These are just some of the ways the team at D2E is attacking this debilitating disorder.

The D2E Community believes that Movement, Mindfulness, and Human Connection can have a significant and immediate impact on battling depression and anxiety disorders.

Join me in this insane expedition and lets bring Depression2Extinction…One mile, One conversation, and One connection at a time.

PS - Become a D2E Everyday Athlete Ambassador. If you have an event race coming up in the near future and would love to raise awareness for the D2E Community, reach out to Coach David: He is literally incredible and can help you get set up very easily.


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A Non-Profit dedicated to eliminating the stigma surrounding depression through Movement, Mindfulness, and Human Connection.

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