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GoFundMe Charity To Shutdown in 2021

GoFundMe Charity announced they will stop all online fundraising on September 30, 2021. Here how this announcement can impact you and 3 quick tips on how you can respond.

As a member of the nonprofit industry, you probably remember when GoFundMe acquired CrowdRise a few years ago and rebranded as GoFundMe Charity. In case you missed it last week on their blog, GoFundMe Charity announced they will stop all online fundraising on September 30, 2021. They will not be transferring charity campaigns over to their non-charity platform and have not directly notified their customers yet! Whether this affects you, a colleague, or another nonprofit professional that you know -- this is big news so we wanted to share some important information to help avoid major disruptions to fundraising efforts during this important season of charitable need.

Tip #1: Download your donor data now!

If you have ever run any events through GoFundMe Charity, login now and download any data you have stored with them. March 31st is the last day they will be supporting any third-party integrations, and all that data will be lost on December 31st, which is the last day to view and export donor and fundraiser data from their site.

Tip #2: Check-in with your donors!

September 30, 2021, will be the last day GoFundMe Charity processes any current donations. Get all your 2021 events and recurring donations migrated over to a new platform well before then, so that donors can update their information and get used to your new platform.

Tip #3: Find a new fundraising partner!

It looks like GoFundMe won't be supporting any of the charity specific features they once boasted. This could mean a loss of control over the participant experience along with the ability to directly communicate details about the fundraising event. GoFundMe donations will also have to flow through the PayPal Giving Fund rather than being disbursed directly to your organization.

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Published on February 2, 2021

by Dave Costlow

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