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Help Me Reach My Goal - Ando Saves


Thank you all who have donated/pledged so far. As of today, November 26 I have raised just over $4,000. I have decided to extend my campaign until the end of my hockey season, so I am able to continue to raise as much as possible for the Andos. Feel free to edit your pledge as you wish.

My name is Jesse Rich.  On May 8, 2021 I will be celebrating my Bar Mitzvah, a ceremony through which I will become a Jewish young adult.  As part of my Bar Mitzvah, I am excited to be raising funds for the Ando family.  Yoshitaka Ando was the athletic trainer at Lincoln-Sudbury High School for 33 years before passing away from esophageal cancer late last year. Ando was dedicated to his community and working with kids. He helped heal thousands of student-athletes including me, my youth sport teammates and my older brothers.  Ando left behind four children, all of whom would like to go to college. For my project, I want to give back to Ando and his family in the same way he gave to my community.

With Ando Saves, I am gathering pledges for each save I make from September 15 – December 15.  I currently play for two hockey teams: the 2008 Northstar Hockey Club and 2008 South Shore Kings Elite.  I’m reaching out to see if you might consider making a pledge or donation towards my effort.   I plan to work very hard these next three months to make a lot of saves because I know I’m not only trying to help my team win our games but I’m also giving back to the Ando Family.

I chose this project because I enjoy playing hockey and have been a goalie since I was 7 years old. I love being a goalie because I like the thrill of the game and making great saves for my teammates.   I believe everyone should be given the opportunity to have a higher education.  I am fortunate to be able to have opportunities to play sports and have the funds to go to college some day if I work hard.  My goal is to raise enough money so all of the Ando kids are able to have these same opportunities.

Thank you in advance,



9/19Northstars vs. South Shore Kings23$89
9/20Northstars vs. Top Gun 21$81
9/27Northstars vs. Boston Jr. Terriers Red27$104
10/3Northstars vs. Boston Jr. Terriers White31$120
10/4Northstars vs. Boston Jr. Eagles27$104
10/11South Shore Kings vs. CP Dyanmo21$81
10/17South Shore Kings vs. Top Gun19$74
10/18South Shore Kings vs. Baystate Breakers20$77
10/24Northstars vs. New England Bulldogs0-
10/25Northstars vs. Boston Jr. Terriers White0-
10/31Northstars vs. Manchester Flames0-
11/7South Shore Kings vs. Boston Jr. Terriers38$147
11/7Northstars vs. Minuteman Flames31$120
11/8Northstars vs. Minuteman Flames21$81
11/14South Shore Kings vs. Bay State Breakers22$85
11/14Northstars vs. New England Bulldogs24$93
11/15South Shore Kings vs. Boston Jr. Eagles24$93
11/15Northstars vs. Boston Jr. Eagles19$74
11/21Northstars vs. Islanders36$139
11/22South Shore Kings vs. Boston Jr. Eagles32$124
11/29Northstars vs. Islanders33$128
11/29South Shore Kings vs. Boston Jr. Terriers12$46
12/5Northstars vs. South Shore Kings30$116
12/6Northstars vs. Boston Jr. Terriers Red38$147
12/12Northstars vs. New England Bulldogs28$108
12/13Northstars vs. South Shore Kings26$101
12/14LS Jr. Warriors vs. Beverly47$182
12/19South Shore Kings vs. Top Gun26$101
12/26Northstars vs. Top Gun27$104
12/27Northstars vs. Boston Jr. Terriers White33$128
12/27South Shore Kings vs. Minuteman Flames20$77
1/2Northstars vs. Boston Jr. Eagles18$70
1/3Northstars vs. Minuteman Flames27$104
1/3South Shore Kings vs. Boston Breakers 8$31
1/9Northstars vs. Boston Jr. Terriers Red27$104
1/10LS Jr. Warriors vs. Lexington29$112
1/10Northstars vs. Islanders27$104
1/16Northstars vs. Islanders30$116
1/16LS Jr. Warriors vs. Beverly19$74
1/17South Shore Kings vs. Boston Jr. Terriers29$112
1/17LS Jr. Warriors vs. Burlington37$143
1/18Northstars vs. Assabet Elite34$132
1/23Northstars vs. Boston Jr. Terriers White38$147
1/24South Shore Kings vs. Minuteman Flames27$104
1/24LS Jr. Warriors vs. Billerica35$135
1/30Northstars vs. Minuteman Flames--
2/7Northstars vs. New England Bulldogs--
2/7Northstars vs. Boston Jr. Eagles--
2/14Northstars vs. Boston Jr. Terriers White--
2/21Northstars vs. South Shore Kings--
2/28Northstars vs. New England Bulldogs--
3/14Northstars vs. New England Bulldogs--

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