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America’s Toughest Food Drive!

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Based on 10 5 mile loops, each worth $164

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MILES FOR MEALS! Help us reach our goal!

Hello, my name is Adam Faris. On August 22-23 myself, and several other local participants, will be joining with hundreds of others around the world who are participating in “America’s Toughest Mudder“ 12-hour Virtual edition. This event is a virtual version of “America’s Toughest Mudder” in which participants will run 5 mile loops and complete various “challenges” provided by Tough HQ for 12-hours overnight, with the goal of completing as many 5 mile loops as possible within the 12hours. Because I am not normally a big fan of “Virtual” races, I have decided to make mine more interesting by making it for charity, with all proceeds going directly to local food banks.

Due to effects of COVID-19, food banks have had their normal supply chains interrupted and stock piles diminished, all while demand is ever increasing and logistics are changing constantly.

The original plan for this event was to have monetary donations collected via this site, and also have non-perishable food dropped off at the event by donators throughout the 12-hours...However, unfortunately due to current circumstances local food banks are asking strictly for monetary donations at this time in order to limit contact...therefore, this campaign right here is MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER! So let’s go! You donate! I run! People eat!


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