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60 miles and 60k for my 60th

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Help me reach 60k for Housing Justice

Hi Friends, Family, Colleagues, and fellow believers in Justice:

As those of you who have known me for a while recall, ten years ago, as I approached my 50th birthday, I created a fundraiser seeking to raise $50,000 for the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless. I participated in the Miami Beach Triathlon, and called the event 50 for my 50th. With the help of the many very generous people in my life, I reached and even exceeded my fundraising goal. As I wrote my thank you notes, I ended by telling folks I hoped to be back to you in 10 years, seeking to raise $60,000 for my 60th.

Well, here I am. The decade threw some health bumps in my road, and I wasn’t positive I’d have a chance to do this, but I’m feeling great now, and ready to take on this challenge. Unfortunately, my triathlon plans were foiled by Covid-19. As a result, I’ve shifted gears, to a new idea: I will run 60 miles in 10 days, beginning on Monday, February 22, asking you to pledge an amount of support for each mile I complete. Here’s the kicker, so you don’t have to worry about me strolling around my neighborhood: I will only count runs that average sub-9 minutes per mile. Anything else gets discarded.

I will do daily updates once I start, which will include photographic proof of my mileage and my average time, either from my treadmill or, if I’ve run outdoors, from my watch. This will hurt, but it will be done! My workout buddies are betting the under. I will prove them wrong. I will have earned my entry into my 60’s and have earned your support for an amazing organization - the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless. Covid-19 changed my birthday plans; it also forced tens of millions of Americans to face the real possibility of losing their homes. The Legal Clinic has been a constant in DC for nearly 35 years, helping countless community members regain stability. With your and my support, it will remain so through the pandemic and beyond, ensuring that DC’s homeless residents have a fair chance to secure housing justice when we get to the other side of these challenging times.

Thank you very much in advance for helping me reach my goal. As you reach into your pockets to support this effort, think of this: the odds are at least 50/50 that I won’t be hitting you up again for my 70th!


Below is the mission and vision of the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless, you can read more on their website:

The Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless envisions a just and inclusive community for all residents of the District of Columbia, where housing is a human right and where every individual and family has equal access to the resources they need to thrive.

Our mission is to use the law to make justice a reality for our neighbors who struggle with homelessness and poverty.  Combining community lawyering and advocacy to achieve our clients’ goals, our expert staff and network of volunteer attorneys provide low barrier, comprehensive legal services at intake sites throughout the District of Columbia, helping our clients to access housing, shelter, and life-saving services.  Rooted in the experiences of this client work, we effectively blend system reform efforts, policy advocacy, community education and client engagement to advocate for long term improvements in local and federal programs that serve the low- and no-income community.


2/2260 miles + 60k for my 60th, for Housing Justice!60$81,908

This campaign benefits

The Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless

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The Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless provides free legal assistance to people experiencing homelessness and poverty in DC.

Contributions made to this campaign are tax-deductible.

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