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188,000' for 188 Foundation

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Climbing for a Cause

188,000’ for 188 Foundation

The Challenge: Complete iconic mountaineering objectives with the cumulative elevations of the summits equaling or exceeding 188,000 feet.

The Purpose: Raise awareness of and donations for 188 Foundation.

Sustainability: Strict adherence to Leave No Trace principles will minimize the environmental impact, but these expeditions will require a significant amount of domestic and international travel. The carbon impact of each expedition will be measured and offset to ensure carbon neutrality.

The Cause: The 188 Foundation is a direct philanthropy alliance formed by our generous donors, Concentric’s elite network and innate capability, and our carefully curated partners. The Foundation sits within a unique trifurcation of capability, access, and need. Due to our unique position, we believe it’s our moral responsibility and honor to assist those who need it most. Rescuing just one person creates perpetual ripples, affecting many. We inherently know that effort will always be worth it.

When our donors commit to supporting 188, their donation is directly tied to a mission. Within days, we can provide faces of those rescued by our donor’s funds. We use less than 1% of our donations on overhead. When donations exceed rescue operations, we identify pivotal partners and enable their operations through financial support. We understand our capability is a very specific and unique part of humanitarian relief and are careful to consider, support, and respect what comes before and after our efforts.

We believe security is paramount. In times of crisis, personal security can become a privilege, instead of a right. For those individuals left vulnerable due to circumstance or as a result of profound action, we can enable their return to safety.

NOTE: All costs related to the expeditions will be self-funded. 100% of the money raised will go directly to 188 Foundation.

Proudly flying the 188 Foundation flag during a training and acclimation hike up to Camp Muir (10,080’) on Mt Rainier


DateNamehundred feetEarned
6/17Eldorado Peak - 8,876' (Washington, USA)88.76$185
6/28Mt Rainier - 14,411' (Washington, USA)144.11$300
7/14Glacier Peak - 10,541' (Washington, USA)105.41$220
7/22Mt Adams - 12,276' (Washington, USA)122.76$256
7/27Mt Rainier - 14,411' (Washington, USA)144.11$300
9/1Seven Fingered Jack - 9,100’ (Washington, USA)91$190
5/18The Brothers - 6,842' (Washington, USA)--
5/30Mt Shuksan - 9,131 Washington, USA)--
6/22Mt Baker via Easton Glacier - 10,778’ (Washington, USA)--
1/25Antisana - 18,875' (Ecuador)--
2/1Cayambe - 18,996' (Ecuador)--
2/8Chimborazo - 20,571' (Ecuador)--
12/31Test Event0-

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