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100 KM Row for the Recon & Sniper Foundation

Proceeds are being collected by Dirtnaps Lumber Co.


Based on 10 10,000m, each worth $237.50

25 pledgers

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On Thursday, August 9th, I will be rowing 100k straight in order to bring awareness to the issue of veteran suicide and to raise donations for the Recon & Sniper Foundation. The Recon & Sniper Foundation provides emergency financial funding, professional development, career mentoring, and active network building to transitioning veterans in need. To raise money for this great organization, I am seeking pledges for each 10,000 m that I am able to row without a break. I hope to row a full 100,000 over 7-8 hours on August 11 and with your generosity and help, we can raise some money for veterans and families in need! Thank you!

More information about the Recon & Sniper Foundation can be found at:


8/11100k Row10$2,375

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