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Walking 100 Holes of Golf in One Day

When I first started playing golf, it was at the local par-63 down the street with a couple buddies. We walked and ate hot dogs in 100+ degree heat and it was awesome. I created lifelong friendships and it made me more comfortable interacting with adults. BUT HERE’S THE THING…THE GREEN FEE WAS $6.

Fast forward 20 years and that experience is why I’m involved in Youth on Course. YOC gives more than 25,000 young people access to golf for $5 or less per round. We subsidize the rounds for our members at 650+ courses and then provide them with job opportunities and college scholarships. It started in Northern California and we’ve now expanded to 17 states, spending nearly $5,000,000 providing opportunities for young people that they wouldn’t otherwise have.

More than a dozen of us will attempt the Hike in an effort to raise $50,000 and I need your help getting there. For as little as $.25/hole (or more if you choose) you can help me (us) positively impact 25,000 more kids who need it most. Thank you for your consideration.

Disclaimer: A portion of your pledge may be spent on ice packs, band-aids, athletic tape and Advil.

Check out where I stand against other hikers by clicking here.


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Golf teaches important social, mental, and physical skills. Providing youth with access to affordable golf - $5 or less - is what we do.

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