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Please join me and the HEADstrong Foundation in the fight against cancer!

When you look around at your family, friends, and neighbors, chances are you have seen someone affected by cancer. I’m 13 years old and I’ve already had people in my family deal with this terrible disease. I never met my grandmother because she died of cancer a few days before I was born. My cousin Chrissy is being treated for breast cancer right now.

Please join us in this fight! Whether you pledge a nickel, a dime, or a dollar per point, it will really help make a difference and I would really appreciate the support. The mission of the HEADstrong Foundation is “Improving lives affected by cancer”, and with the support of donors and partners, HEADstrong has helped more than 15,000 patients.

For more information on HEADstrong, please visit their website at

Thank you - Zack Friend


3/17Freedom 2023 Vs. NXT Silver 20231$6
3/17Freedom 2023 Vs. Bucks Select 20232$12
3/30Marple Newtown4$24
3/31Freedom 2023 vs NXT Black 20231$6
3/31Freedom 2023 vs PA Roughriders 20232$12
4/4Avon Grove Lacrosse Vs. BYC2$12
4/6Avon Grove Lacrosse vs. Lionville0-
4/11Avon Grove Lacrosse Vs Oxford6$37
4/13Manheim Township 4$24
4/14Freedom 2023 Vs. NXT Black 20241$6
4/14Freedom 2023 Vs Bucks Select 20232$12
4/25Avon Grove Lacrosse Vs. Kennett1$6
4/27Legends West vs BLove Academy 231$6
4/27Avon Grove Lacrosse Vs. West Chester0-
4/27Legends West vs Crabs 23/242$12
4/28Legends West vs Freedom 20242$12
4/28Legends West vs Crabs 20230-
4/28Legends West vs Looneys 20230-
5/2Avon Grove Lacrosse Vs. West Chester 35$30
5/4Avon Grove Lacrosse Vs Kennett4$24
5/9Avon Grove Lacrosse Vs. WC 12$12
5/11Avon Grove Lacrosse Vs. BYC4$24
5/18Avon Grove Lacrosse Vs. Lionville1$6
5/31CYLL Playoff1$6
6/3CCLA Playoff Round 30-
6/8Team HOCO0-
6/8Koopers 0-
6/9Team Lacrosse 0-
6/22NJ Riot2$12
6/22LI Express2$12
6/23Meltdown playoff2$12
6/26Radnor 0-
6/26Garnet Valley 1$6
6/29HEADstrong Lehigh2$12
6/30NXT Cup1$6

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HEADstrong Foundation

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HEADstrong Foundation

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Improving lives affected by cancer.

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