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Giving back every mile!

Greetings everyone! This year I will attempt to through hike the Pacific Crest Trail, going from Mexico to Canada, a 2,650 mile endeavor that will take about 5 months. I begin on March 17th and my goal is to get donations every mile for a charity called WASEL TASEL.

My good friend Mohummad-Dylan founded Wasel Tasel, based in Iraq. He helps families and children displaced by ISIS and warfare in Iraq. Mohummad-Dylan founded Wasel Tasel 5 years ago. It is a non-governmental corporation. He has 3 offices and currently works with 6 works with refugee camps.

Mohummad-Dylan and his team have a quick energency responders during warfare. They rush to get civilians out of danger, and dispatch the emergency care needed. WASEL TASEL has various sustainable programs for the aftermath of war, like providing sanitation, shelter, medical care, food and distributions of non-food items.

WASEL TASEL works rebuilds schools and keeps children educated. They created sport programs, sustainable learning environments, provide long-term shelter and sanitation for entire families, keeping families together. They offer financial assistance and employ widowed women while keeping female identities protected.

WASEL TASEL truly does amazing work in dangerous conditions, being founded in Iraq by those who have struggled with warfare thought their own lives. To support the WASEL TASEL team and Mohummad- Dylan’s vast relief mission I will be doing a donation-per-mile hike. The Pacific Crest Trail is 2,650 miles long, so consider pledging to donate just one penny per mile…

Donating 1 penny per mile - Complete thru-hike $26.50 donation

Donating 2 pennies per mile - Complete thru-hike $53.00 donation

Donating 4 pennies per mile- Complete thru-hike $106.00 donation

Thank you for taking the time to read this. To learn more about WASEL TASEL please watch and interview with Mohummad-Dylan, and check out their instagram and facebook.……

Here is a message from the WASEL TASEL team-

“WASEL TASEL was founded as a volunteer-based initiative in March 2015. It was born as a response to the displacement crisis that befell Iraq in recent years. WASEL TASEL adheres to four principles (humanity, integrity, neutrality, and independence) when working with beneficiaries, which include the displaced, the refugees, and the host community. Our new vision is focused on the following areas: education, health, development, relief, and social initiatives.

As of 22 July 2019, we became a registered Iraqi non-governmental corporation with certificate number 1I1907043 issued by the Department of Non-Governmental Organizations, General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.


• Responsibility- One of the most important values through which we commit to our partners, our supporters, and out beneficiaries.

• Transparency- All the work that is implemented by our corporation is subject to the principle of transparency and clarity.

• Respect- We are committed to the values and principles that ensure the dignity of the beneficiaries and respect the customs of local communities while ensuring that this does not compromise our business standards.

• Passion- We have the passion to make positive change through our projects and initiatives.


• Education- One of main priorities is to support education. Our corporation set up several programs to support the education system in Iraq since we believe that today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. Our programs include the following:

  • school rehabilitation,

  • school furnishing,

  • tailoring and distribution of school uniforms,

  • distribution of stationary,

  • sponsorship programs for the orphans and needy children,

  • qualifying student courses

    • Financial assistance- Monetary assistance to help victims of violence and discrimination and families who have lost their breadwinner.

    •Health- The health field is one of our main priorities and we have implemented numerous programs that provide healthcare.

• Shelter and sanitation- This project aims to provide shelter for displaced families in safe areas and in liberated towns either by restoration of partially demolished houses or the payment of rent for a period ranging between six months to two years.

• Quick response- This project aims to provide services in cases of natural disasters and wars. The quick response program involves the distribution of ready food, provision of shelter, first aid, and mobile clinics.

• Food support programs- One of the first programs launched by the corporation to support families displaced to Kurdistan region and the capital Baghdad in addition to displaced people’s camps all over the country and at the beginning of liberation operations in 2016.

• Protection programs- Our corporation works on implementing the fundamental principles of guaranteeing human rights especially after the violent events in Iraqi cities and the ensuing violations of these rights.

• Distribution of non-food items- This program is divided into two parts: the first is for the displaced people and the second is for the returnees. Our corporation provided basic supplies to the families such as bedding, heating, cooling, and kitchen appliances, clothing, shoes, and feminine supplies.

• Sports programs- Our corporation works on harnessing sports for peace and development. Since sports is one of the recognized means for promoting peace and it includes all segments of society.

• Livelihoods programs- The goal is to provide a means of livelihood to ensure decent living. The program includes empowerment workshops, skills enhancement, and activities to ensure adequate expertise to manage the means of livelihood.

WASEL TASEL’s work locations

Provinces and camps’ names

Camps in Al-Anbar Province- 18km, 18km, Al-Wafaa, Al-Khalidiyah (3 camps), Tourist City (2 camps), Amiriyat Alfallujah (4 camps)

Camps in Baghdad Province- Al-Kafa’at, Abu Ghraib, Hay Al-Jami’ah, Al-Haswah, Al-Utaifiyyah

Camps in Ninawa Province- Al-Haj Ali, Al-Jad’ah (6 camps), Hammam Al-Aleel (2 camps), Tal Al-Jarabee’a, Bartillah, Al-Salamiyah

Camps in Diyala Province- Alyawa

Camps in Salahuddin Province- Nahiyat Al-Alam

Camps in Kurdistan Region- U2, Harsham, Bharkah, Al-Khazar, Al-Khazar Althani, Jamkur, Hasan Sham (4 camps)


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