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The Chair's Challenge: What about the Children?

Proceeds benefit U.S. Dream Academy, Inc.


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The Chair’s Challenge: “What about the children?”

From COVID-19 to racial inequality, our children are unduly burdened with heart-breaking concerns like “will I ever go back to school?;  will I be next?;  will I one day  say I can’t breathe?” Sadly, for many of our children who have a family history of incarceration and/or are already falling behind in school, the current crises compound their undeservedly high levels of stress and anxiety.  Constructive support and encouragement poured now into their current mental and emotional wellness, will likely favorably alter their future well-being and dream path.

The resurgence of the current social justice movement seems to have prompted questions from a broad spectrum of genuinely concerned people: “What can we do to help ease some of the concerns of our children have? How can I make a difference”?

You can help raise funds for the mission and work of the U.S. Dream Academy as they currently provide online mentoring and virtual support to over 500 DreamKids and DreamTeens. Programming and funding of this work has strategically accelerated to a virtual platform.  The requisite technology commands the next level of fundraising. This is where you can both help and make a difference…

I challenge you to join me in a virtual fundraising foot race! Beginning July 12th, I will walk 70 miles by November 15th

No worries, you have the option to lace up those running shoes or simply sponsor/donate any amount to this crucial cause.


  • Match or surpass with your own fundraising team to my personal commitment of $70 per mile or
  • Sponsor me: just add $1, $5, $10, or $25 or more per mile for my 70 miles or
  • Custom your own Challenge to a team, celebrity, business, or philanthropist to give BIG or
  • Make a donation: in any amount


In addition to supporting operation of all of U.S.  Dream Academy’s programs from elementary through high school, funds will be used in particular to help purchase devices such as Kindles and other necessities to help our children obtain internet access so they can participate in summer classes that will keep them from falling behind academically; better yet, help them to be one step closer in their own race towards  their dreams.

Sincere gratitude,

Sandra L. Randolph

Chair, Board of Directors


7/12Week 119.10$1,173
7/19Week 219.20$1,179
7/26Week 317.10$1,050
8/2Week 415.50$952
8/9Week 515.03$923
8/16Week 613.90$854
8/23Week 716.40$1,007
8/30Week 816.30$1,001
9/6Week 919.40$1,192
9/13Week 1014.10$866
9/20Week 1117.20$1,057
9/27Week 1217.30$1,063
10/4Week 136.40$393
10/11Week 1412.80$786
10/18Walk 1515$921
10/25Week 1619.30$1,186
11/1Week 1717.20$1,057
11/8Week 1811.80$725

This campaign benefits

U.S. Dream Academy, Inc.

Verified Charity

Through academic, social, and values enrichment, we empower those children most at risk of incarceration to believe in themselves.

Contributions made to this campaign are tax-deductible.

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