Arlington Babe Ruth trip to Cooperstown

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Each year Arlington Babe Ruth sends a twelve-year-old team to play in a week long event at Cooperstown Dream Park. This is a once in a lifetime experience where the kids compete against teams from across the US, live together in a barracks and take in all that the Baseball Hall of Fame has to offer. As the enthusiasm of competitive baseball has grown in our community, Arlington Babe Ruth has been fortunate to be represented by two very talented teams and this year both teams will be rewarded with the opportunity to play in a week long event at Cooperstown.

This event has a few unique elements placing extra demands on coaches and league representatives. Specifically, each team has to provide an umpire for the entire week and coaches are required to bunk with the teams in a barracks located at the facility. This requires our teams to pay the way for our coaches and umpires.

In order to offset these expenses, the players are looking to raise funds through a performance-based challenge by soliciting donations for each run the Aces team scores during the tournament season of May through July. In the past years, this team has scored 100-150 runs during this period. We ask you to help us reach our goal of $2500 by making a "pledge per run scored" and supporting your Arlington Babe Ruth players.

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