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Team Boss Indiana Mile

Proceeds benefit Destiny Rescue USA, Inc.


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Proceeds will free children around the world who are trapped in exploitation and the sex trade.

Team Boss, an elite distance running team based out of Boulder, Colorado is ready to run fast and improve on their times they recently posted during the Team Boss Colorado Mile. During that race, Emma Coburn, Cory McGee and Dani Jones all ran the fastest times ever run on Colorado soil while running at 4500ft of elevation. On July 25th at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, IN, their team will try to improve on those times and run the fastest times ever on Indiana soil.

Current Mile personal records for the team are:


Dom Scott Efurd:  4:26.63

Laura Thweatt:  4:10 (1500m)

Cory McGee:  4:26.79

Emma Coburn:  4:29.86

Maddie Alm:  4:39

Aisha Praught Leer:  4:26.14

Dani Jones:  4:27.88


Nick Harris:  3:58.55

Tripp Hurt:  3:56.02

Cruz Culpepper:  4:00.10

Morgan McDonald:  3:54.63

It is evident that Team Boss races for more than just themselves, as seen in their raising of $30,000 for the Sachs Foundation on June 27th. Their goal is to run fast, but they also want to make our sport more visible and exciting, and change the lives of others in the process. To go along with their continued effort to change lives, all proceeds from the Team Boss Indiana Mile will be donated to a non-profit called Destiny Rescue who exists to rescue, restore, protect, empower, and be a voice for the voiceless. Destiny Rescue’s vision is to see the sexual exploitation and trafficking of children end in our lifetime.

We hope you will consider giving either a flat donation or a pledge. During the Team Boss Colorado Mile, people pledged a dollar amount for every second that was run under the Colorado record. This time, we will be seeking pledges for every cumulative second that they run faster than they did during their Colorado mile. For example, Cory McGee ran 4:33.39 in Colorado. If she runs 4:28.39 in Indiana that’s 5 seconds. Multiply your pledge by 5 and there you go. We will do that for every athlete that raced in Colorado and races in Indiana. Let’s help Destiny Rescue see their vision come true!!

Read more about Destiny Rescue here:


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Destiny Rescue USA, Inc.

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We're a faith-based nonprofit dedicated to rescuing kids from sexual exploitation and helping them find a path to freedom.

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