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Kyle Seager Vs. Cancer 2016

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Join Seattle Mariners’ third baseman Kyle Seager as he steps up to the plate vs. childhood cancer this spring!

By pledging a donation towards every hit that he records during the 2016 season, you can help the Seager Family support the Vs. Cancer Foundation.

The Seagers are matching the first 100 people to pledge, doubling the effort to help kids beat cancer in Seattle and across the country!

AND- you can get sweet gear in the process of helping save kids’ lives. By pledging one of the levels below, you can pick up amazing opportunities for pledging your support.


  • $0.50/hit (min $25): Custom Kyle Seager Vs. Cancer T-Shirt
  • $1.00/hit (min $150): Custom Kyle Seager Signed Ball + T-Shirt
  • $5.00/hit (min $500) Mariners Game Experience (2 Suite Tickets for Mariners September 3rd Home Game against the Angels) + Ball + T-Shirt

*One-Time donations do not qualify for gifts

The Vs. Cancer Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving the lives of children by funding international cancer research projects and supporting local children’s hospitals. The Vs. Cancer Foundation was started in 2013 by Chase Jones, a brain cancer survivor and one of Kyle Seager’s teammates on the UNC Tar Heels baseball team.

Half of all proceeds from this campaign will be given to child life programs at Seattle Children’s Hospital, while the remaining half funds cancer research with Strong Against Cancer. Thank you for supporting Kyle in his mission to fight childhood cancer!

To learn more about the Vs. Cancer Foundation, visit


4/4Mariners vs. Rangers1$140
4/5Mariners vs. Rangers1$140
4/6Mariners vs. Rangers1$140
4/8Mariners vs. Athletics0-
4/9Mariners vs. Athletics0-
4/10Mariners vs. Athletics1$140
4/11Mariners vs. Rangers1$140
4/12Mariners vs. Rangers0-
4/13Mariners vs. Rangers0-
4/15Mariners vs. Yankees0-
4/16Mariners vs. Yankees0-
4/17Mariners vs. Yankees0-
4/19Mariners vs. Indians2$280
4/20Mariners vs. Indians0-
4/21Mariners vs. Indians1$140
4/22Mariners vs. Angels1$140
4/23Mariners vs. Angels0-
4/24Mariners vs. Angels1$140
4/25Mariners vs. Astros1$140
4/26Mariners vs. Astros0-
4/27Mariners vs. Astros1$140
4/29Mariners vs. Royals0-
4/30Mariners vs. Royals2$280
5/1Mariners vs. Royals1$140
5/2Mariners vs. Athletics1$140
5/3Mariners vs. Athletics2$280
5/4Mariners vs. Athletics2$280
5/5Mariners vs. Astros2$280
5/6Mariners vs. Astros2$280
5/7Mariners vs. Astros3$419
5/8Mariners vs. Astros1$140
5/9Mariners vs. Rays1$140
5/10Mariners vs. Rays1$140
5/11Mariners vs. Rays0-
5/13Mariners vs. Angels2$280
5/14Mariners vs. Angels3$419
5/15Mariners vs. Angels0-
5/17Mariners vs. Orioles2$280
5/18Mariners vs. Orioles1$140
5/19Mariners vs. Orioles0-
5/20Mariners vs. Reds2$280
5/21Mariners vs. Reds1$140
5/22Mariners vs. Reds1$140
5/23Mariners vs. Athletics1$140
5/24Mariners vs. Athletics0-
5/25Mariners vs. Athletics2$280
5/27Mariners vs. Twins0-
5/28Mariners vs. Twins3$419
5/29Mariners vs. Twins1$140
5/30Mariners vs. Padres1$140
5/31Mariners vs. Padres3$419
6/1Mariners vs. Padres4$559
6/2Mariners vs. Padres3$419
6/3Mariners vs. Rangers2$280
6/4Mariners vs. Rangers0-
6/5Mariners vs. Rangers0-
6/6Mariners vs. Indians1$140
6/7Mariners vs. Indians0-
6/8Mariners vs. Indians0-
6/9Mariners vs. Indians2$280
6/10Mariners vs. Rangers1$140
6/11Mariners vs. Rangers0-
6/12Mariners vs. Rangers 1$140
6/14Mariners vs Rays1$140
6/15Mariners vs. Rays0-
6/16Mariners vs. Rays1$140
6/17Mariners vs. Red Sox1$140
6/18Mariners vs. Red Sox0-
6/19Mariners vs. Red Sox1$140
6/20Mariners vs. Tigers1$140
6/21Mariners vs. Tigers1$140
6/22Mariners vs. Tigers0-
6/23Mariners vs. Tigers0-
6/24Mariners vs. Cardinals2$280
6/25Mariners vs. Cardinals0-
6/26Mariners vs. Cardinals0-
6/28Mariners vs. Pirates3$419
6/29Mariners vs. Pirates1$140
6/30Mariners vs. Orioles1$140
7/1Mariners vs. Orioles1$140
7/2Mariners vs. Orioles2$280
7/3Mariners vs. Orioles1$140
7/4Mariners vs. Astros2$280
7/5Mariners vs. Astros2$280
7/6Mariners vs. Astros1$140
7/7Mariners vs. Royals2$280
7/8Mariners vs. Royals2$280
7/9Mariners vs. Royals2$280
7/10Mariners vs. Royals2$280
7/15Mariners vs. Astros2$280
7/16Mariners vs. Astros0-
7/17Mariners vs. Astros1$140
7/18Mariners vs. White Sox1$140
7/19Mariners vs. White Sox0-
7/20Mariners vs. White Sox1$140
7/22Mariners vs. Blue Jays1$140
7/23Mariners vs. Blue Jays2$280
7/24Mariners vs. Blue Jays0-
7/26Mariners vs. Pirates3$419
7/27Mariners vs. Pirates1$140
7/29Mariners vs. Cubs0-
7/30Mariners vs. Cubs0-
7/31Mariners vs. Cubs2$280
8/1Mariners vs. Red Sox0-
8/2Mariners vs. Red Sox1$140
8/3Mariners vs. Red Sox0-
8/4Mariners vs. Red Sox1$140
8/5Mariners vs. Angels0-
8/6Mariners vs. Angels2$280
8/7Mariners vs. Angels2$280
8/8Mariners vs. Tigers1$140
8/9Mariners vs. Tigers3$419
8/10Mariners vs. Tigers1$140
8/12Mariners vs. Athletics1$140
8/13Mariners vs. Athletics0-
8/14Mariners vs. Athletics2$280
8/15Mariners vs. Angels1$140
8/16Mariners vs. Angels1$140
8/17Mariners vs. Angels2$280
8/18Mariners vs. Angels1$140
8/19Mariners vs. Brewers2$280
8/20Mariners vs. Brewers1$140
8/21Mariners vs. Brewers0-
8/22Mariners vs. Yankees2$280
8/23Mariners vs. Yankees0-
8/24Mariners vs. Yankees0-
8/25Mariners vs. White Sox0-
8/26Mariners vs. White Sox0-
8/27Mariners vs. White Sox1$140
8/28Mariners vs. White Sox3$419
8/29Mariners vs. Rangers0-
8/30Mariners vs. Rangers1$140
8/31Mariners vs. Rangers1$140
9/2Mariners vs. Angels1$140
9/3Mariners vs. Angels2$280
9/4Mariners vs. Angels1$140
9/5Mariners vs. Rangers1$140
9/6Mariners vs. Rangers2$280
9/7Mariners vs. Rangers1$140
9/8Mariners vs. Rangers0-
9/9Mariners vs. Athletics3$419
9/10Mariners vs. Athletics2$280
9/11Mariners vs. Athletics0-
9/12Mariners vs. Angels0-
9/13Mariners vs. Angels0-
9/14Mariners vs. Angels1$140
9/16Mariners vs. Astros1$140
9/17Mariners vs. Astros1$140
9/18Mariners vs. Astros1$140
9/19Mariners vs. Blue Jays0-
9/20Mariners vs. Blue Jays0-
9/21Mariners vs. Blue Jays0-
9/23Mariners vs. Twins1$140
9/24Mariners vs. Twins0-
9/25Mariners vs. Twins0-
9/26Mariners vs. Astros2$280
9/27Mariners vs. Astros1$140
9/28Mariners vs. Astros2$280
9/29Mariners vs. Athletics1$140
9/30Mariners vs. Athletics1$140
10/1Mariners vs. Athletics1$140
10/2Mariners vs. Athletics0-

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