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September, October, Ruffalovember

Following the shocking success of Heist November last year, I’ve spent the past few months trying to come up with a 2020 campaign that would recapture the magic without requiring me to re-watch 28 heist movies, while ideally still allowing me to watch both Now You See Me movies. After multiple late night brainstorming sessions and ideas that included Nick Cage November and National Treasure November (i.e., just watching National Treasure repeatedly), the clear winner emerged - Ruffalovember.

This November, there will be a lot going on. And now you can add “Gardner watches as many movies featuring Mark Ruffalo as he can” to that list. I would love for you to join me on this journey through Mark Ruffalo’s diverse filmography by pledging dollars for each Mark Ruffalo movie watched and/or sending me your recs for must watch Ruffalo movies. Supporters above a yet to be determined threshold will get custom shirts.

Proceeds from Ruffalovember will benefit DESC, a great organization in urban Jacksonville that provides food, clothing, case management and other emergency financial assistance to help families fight poverty.

Let’s Ruffaloooooooooooo,



DateNameruffalo movies watchedEarned
11/11st Week of Ruffalovember8$3,245
11/82nd Week of Ruffalovember7$2,839
11/153rd Week of Ruffalovember6$2,434
11/224th Week of Ruffalovember9$3,650
11/29Final Days of Ruffalovember3$1,217

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