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Faq About Oil-Free Fryers

Faq About Oil-Free Fryers

The oil-free fryer is a favorite appliance of 2019 thanks to the superior features it boasts. Due to the creativity of various product models, future users always wonder which of the best of products to choose. Check out our FAQ on this product line to make informed decisions!

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1.    Is the oil-free fryer worth it?

Definitely, yes!

Firstly, it is safe and convenient. If you want to fry fish or meat, you need to prepare it and put it in an oil-free fryer, set the timer, and wait until the food is cooked without worrying about burning it.

Secondly, it helps you reduce the amount of grease used for meals. Non-oil fryer types work based on the principle of using fast and robust convection to heat up to around 200 degrees Celsius to fry food evenly. Most importantly, cooking without grease helps you reduce up to 80% the amount of fat that goes into your body every day.

Thirdly, it saves time for homemakers. By using this product, homemakers can cook faster and more leisurely, and ensure the health of every family’s members.

Fourthly, it saves cost. For example, an oil-free fryer will take about 30 minutes to fry fish or chicken thighs, and 15 minutes to fry potatoes, which is more economical than using gas and cooking oil, which we often do.

Last but not least, it is beneficial for those who like to eat fried food but want to lose weight.

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2.    What are the criteria to consider before buying the best oil-free fryer?

•    The price of the product

Currently, *_non-oil fryer products *_on the market are quite diverse in terms of price; the lowest is about 1 million VND, and the highest is about 5 million VND. Among them, high-priced models are usually from the Philips series, and cheap-priced products include those from Goodlife.

•    Excellent design and enough capacity to use

The size of current fryer models ranges from** 2 to 10 liters**. Among them, the 3-liter-capacity products are quite more popular. Models that are too large are often bulky and do not use up their features.

Current fryer models all have a handle-type design and pull-out food drawer. In some products, there is a press button on the lid to turn it on, like with a rice cooker.

•    Technology used

Rapid Air is known to be the most modern technology that makes cooks food faster, more evenly, and with less odor.

•    Material for making products

Besides, it is also necessary to consider the enamel and anti-stick material in the food tray. For low-cost products, the content may not be as good as the expensive ones. To ensure safety, you should use big brands.

•    The type of fryer reduces smoke, smells good

Using an oil-free fryer significantly reduces the annoying cooking process as well as the smell of food in the clothes and body after cooking.

•    Easy cleaning ability

The purchase of a small pot while still ensuring easy-to-assemble elements, cleaning, and having a simple design for the cooking compartment will be a priority for today’s consumers.

3.    What are the best oil-free fryers?

There are five high-quality products you can refer to:** the Philips HD9220, the Right 8-in-1 2.6L 1600W**, the Lock&Lock ECF-301R, the Magic Korea A70, and the Magic Korea A71 2.2L.

4.    Conclusion

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The oil-free fryer is one of the most handy kitchen appliances bringing benefits to human health today. To** find more products**, please check out the Amazon products pages and read** top reviews** to make the right purchasing decision.

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