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I'm losing weight. Make a pledge per pound I lose today!


For those that know me, know that I’m far from skinny. There’s a lot of names for being overweight, Fat, huge, obese, over-eater, pleasantly plump, etc..

Lets just say, Im officially done with all those “titles”. Right now I’m approximately 100 lbs overweight. Taking a few minute walk or a run around the block should not mean I’m out of breath for the next 20 min. So…my journey towards a new healthy life starts now!

Anyone that has ever tried dieting, knows its no easy task. I’ve tried many diets and lets just say, have not been too successful. I am starting a new program which will help me change my lifestyle and bad eating habits and on to a healthy life.

Being motivated on these programs is very important, which is why I’m not keeping this to myself. I’m starting at 285lbs and will be pushing to lose 100!!

Also, what better way to stay motivated, then by doing this as a fundraiser for an organization so important to me, such as Camp HASC! For those who don’t know, Camp HASC is a camp for over 350 Children and adults which physical and developmental disabilities. Aside from the 7 week summer program, they also have programming for the camper all year round. #HASC365 To learn more about Camp HASC Click here!

Please donate, and share, and follow my journey. I will be posting pictures, updates, weigh-ins, etc..

Thank you for being part of my journey!



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