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Miles For Justice III

Thank you for your interest in the Miles For Justice campaign and thank you in advance for your support. I run a 5k a day as a silent protest of systemic and systematic discrimination and have done so for 265+ days in a row. The goal of Miles For Justice III is to raise $10,000 to bring 10 Little Free Libraries filled with books that feature POC authors and POC characters into communities with limited book access. Each library will be placed in a highly visible location with ample foot traffic that’s easily accessible for all members of the community.

Each library will cost approximately $500 to purchase, register, plant, and $500 will go toward the books. It is our goal to purchase 25 brand new books from local independent bookstores to stock each Little Free Library. Each of the 10 libraries will be dedicated to an individual who lost their life prematurely by a tragic act of totally unneeded violence (i.e. Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Philando Castile, Elijah McClain, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Casey Goodson Jr, and the list goes on and on).

The Miles For Justice 5k (3.1 miles) streak is at 265 (& counting) days in a row and that will continue throughout this campaign and on toward 365 consecutive days. My weekly mileage has been about 25 miles per week all of 2020 and now I’m bumping up to 40-50 miles per week to train for a 10km race this summer. Barring injury I expect to run approximately 400 miles over the 70-day Miles For Justice III campaign which will end on March 13, 2021. You can make a donation based on the number of miles run or a flat donation, the choice is yours.

March 13th will be the one year anniversary of Breonna Taylor’s murder at the hands of LMPD and still no one has been held accountable for her death. It will also be the one year anniversary of the world shut down due to the coronavirus covid-19. This installment of Miles For Justice will leave a lasting impact on our communities, expanding book access with 10 Little Free Libraries. Each library will feature books representative of the people who live in the community. Please pledge a donation and also please tell someone else about Miles For Justice III. #MFJ3

Thank you! As always please reach out if you have any questions. IG/Twitter: @stretchmurphy

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1/3Run Streak Day 2656.15$41
1/4Run Streak Day 2663.11$21
1/5Run Streak Day 2677.22$48
1/6Run Streak Day 2688.03$53
1/7Run Streak Day 2693.51$23
1/8Run Streak Day 2706.01$40
1/9Run Streak Day 2716.66$44
1/10Run Streak Day 2725.05$34
1/11Run Streak Day 2736.25$42
1/12Run Streak Day 2744$27
1/13Run Streak Day 2756.12$41
1/14Run Streak Day 2768.05$54
1/15Run Streak Day 2775.58$37
1/16Run Streak Day 2786.21$41
1/17Run Streak Day 2796.23$41
1/18Run Streak Day 2805.52$37
1/19Run Streak Day 2817.21$48
1/20Run Streak Day 2827.71$51
1/21Run Streak Day 2838.46$56
1/22Run Streak Day 2844.71$31
1/23Run Streak Day 2856$40
1/24Run Streak Day 2866.66$44
1/25Run Streak Day 2876.27$42
1/26Run Streak Day 288--
1/27Run Streak Day 289--
1/28Run Streak Day 290--
1/29Run Streak Day 291--
1/30Run Streak Day 292--
1/31Run Streak Day 293--
2/1Run Streak Day 294--
2/2Run Streak Day 295--
2/3Run Streak Day 296--
2/4Run Streak Day 297--
2/5Run Streak Day 298--
2/6Run Streak Day 299--
2/7Run Streak Day 300--
2/8Run Streak Day 301--
2/9Run Streak Day 302--
2/10Run Streak Day 303--
2/11Run Streak Day 304--
2/12Run Streak Day 305--
2/13Run Streak Day 306--
2/14Run Streak Day 307--
2/15Run Streak Day 308--
2/16Run Streak Day 309--
2/17Run Streak Day 310--
2/18Run Streak Day 311--
2/19Run Streak Day 312--
2/20Run Streak Day 313--
2/21Run Streak Day 314--
2/22Run Streak Day 315--
2/23Run Streak Day 316--
2/24Run Streak Day 317--
2/25Run Streak Day 318--
2/26Run Streak Day 319--
2/27Run Streak Day 320--
2/28Run Streak Day 321--
3/1Run Streak Day 322--
3/2Run Streak Day 323--
3/3Run Streak Day 324--
3/4Run Streak Day 325--
3/5Run Streak Day 326--
3/6Run Streak Day 327--
3/7Run Streak Day 328--
3/8Run Streak Day 329--
3/9Run Streak Day 330--
3/10Run Streak Day 331--
3/11Run Streak Day 332--
3/12Run Streak Day 333--
3/13Run Streak Day 334--

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