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Matt Rossi is Hiking Miles for Nolan!

Matt Rossi:

I officially retired after 21 years in the Air Force and had first thought that I would go down to South America somewhere to live AND love the easy life. That all changed on Thanksgiving day 2017 when I met a young man by the name of Nolan. He and I hit it off instantly and before I left he gave me a photo of himself. Since then I have taken it to many states and a couple of countries and taken photos of those places with him in the photo so that he can feel as if he’s right there with me.

You see, Nolan was born with cerebral palsy due to complications during birth and has been struggling with it ever since. However, despite all of this he still manages to smile and in return put a smile on any person who meets him. He truly is a special child which is why I have chosen to walk all 2,180 miles of the Appalachian Trail to raise donations for every mile I accomplish.

Nolan’s birth story from the words of Bobbi Price, Nolan’s mother;

Nolan Keith Price was born in the early hours on February 5th, 2012 at a local Oregon coast birthing center. Nolan’s birth followed a full term and healthy pregnancy. The labor was long and culminated in Nolan’s traumatic frank breech birth. A frank breech birth means that Nolan had been pushed through the birth canal folded in half with his feet near his ears and his umbilical cord pinched closed, depriving him of life-giving oxygen.

Nolan was diagnosed with mild mixed cerebral palsy. At first, we did not know what this meant for Nolan in terms of his limitations and possibilities. All we knew was that Nolan is a champion with fierce determination and boundless potential. Today, we believe he will reach far beyond his diagnosis.

We have made it our mission to help Nolan reach his full potential. Thankfully, through the Anat Baniel Method (ABM), we have found our vehicle for reaching it.

Our first trip to the ABM Center was in August 2013. Nolan was 18-months old with little independent mobility. After our first week of therapy, Nolan started moving his body with freedom and was able to roll over for mobility. The results we saw were nothing short of miraculous.

Since then—as a direct result of ABM and Nolan’s incredible determination—we have watched Nolan grow and develop in astonishing ways.

We have made the trek south to the ABM Center from the Central Oregon Coast to San Rafael 25 times since the fall of 2013 for intensive sessions. However, after each trip, major milestones were achieved. More easily accomplished are monthly trips for ABM sessions in Portland that have kept Nolan learning in between the intensive California sessions. While this form of therapy has proven to be incredibly beneficial, it is not covered by insurance and must be paid for out of pocket.

Nolan has been learning how to use his brain in new ways, creating new connections around the damaged area. Now—at six years old—our intelligent little boy has move passed crawling, pulling to standing, cruising along side furniture, knee walking, and balancing. Nolan is now walking for long periods (30-70 yards), conquering stairs using a hand rail, talking in short sentences, and attending kindergarten at Crestview elementary where he is able to fully integrate with his peers in typical classes. We fully believe this is due to the dedication to his ABM therapy.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read Nolan’s story and being a part of the effort to help him reach his full potential. As you can see, he touches hearts everywhere he goes.


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