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Marty Arnwine - Team Sprocket

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Based on 1,004 100-vertical feet, each worth $0.34

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Skiing down to help others up!

Help me go for Derelict Gold! Support my Downhill Derelympic Vertical Challenge!

As many of you know, last year my son Cory and I joined up with a motley group of ski enthusiasts who have tagged themselves as the Downhill Derelicts. While this was new to us, this happened to be the 14th consecutive year the Derelicts have been to Whistler. Through those years, a lot of friends have been made in the Whistler area who have helped the group grow and have an epic time each year. So for our 15th year, we wondered how we can maybe give back a little to this area in return and came up with a great idea. This year the Downhill Derelicts are teaming up with the Whistler Adaptive Sports Program, a non-profit group that supports sport for life by breaking down the financial, physical and social barriers for individuals with disabilities.

I’m asking you to sponsor my Downhill Derelympic Vertical Challenge campaign by pledging just 1-cent ($0.01) per 100-vertical feet I ski during the five-day ski-a-thon.I’m going to earn every penny we raise with sweat, grit, and I’m sure a few sore legs and feet by weeks’ end.

Our group has a goal this year of raising $7,500 as a group which can sponsor up to seven athletes for an entire year or purchase a mono-sit-ski to make accessible the mountains and wonder that stokes our minds and humbles our souls. I’m hopeful that with your help and generosity, we can exceed this goal and share the wonder and beauty of alpine sports with those who would otherwise never experience it.

The average vertical feet skied by participants last year was 100,000. At 1-cent per 100-vertical feet, that equals a total donation of just $10.00.

Why It Matters?

Competitive sports and recreation teach important social and psychological skills for both children and adults alike. Competition teaches us how to set goals, learn at faster rates, manage our nerves, to bring our best efforts, and to have grace in both victory and defeat. In a very direct sense, competitive activities teach us how to live life better.

However, for over 620,000 US children under the age of 20 suffering from ambulatory disabilities, competitive sports and recreational activities are often inaccessible or unaffordable.

Who Benefits?

For over 15 years, Whistler Adaptive has allocated resources for equipment and volunteer training to work with a range of individuals suffering from disabilities. With a full range of programs, coaches, facilities and a great home base, Whistler Adaptive is committed to developing athletes at the grassroots level all the way to the podium while encouraging participation in sport for life. Whistler Adaptive is a registered 509(a) charity.

Thank You!


DateName100-vertical feetEarned
3/20Downhill Derelicts Vertical Challenge1,004$345

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