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Kye's Panther Track Attack 2022

Proceeds are being collected by Kye Combs


Based on 20 400m laps, each worth $12.50

7 pledgers

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Support me in the Panther Track Attack

I'm participating in the Panther Track Attack fundraiser on March 4th to raise money for my Track & Field Uniform and Team Gear. We are also raising money to purchase additional equipment for the team. Our top priority items are - Renovating our Throws Area, Jumps Training Equipment, & Upgrading our Track Storage Facility.

You can support me by pledging any amount for each lap I run. I’m attempting to run 20 laps, so if you pledge $1 per lap and I complete 20 laps, that's $20 towards my uniform & team! It will be a fun & challenging event and your support will help keep me going!

Check my progress on the Panther Track Attack Leaderboard!


DateName400m lapsEarned
3/4Panther Track Attack 20$250

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