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Josh Does Burpees - For a Cause

For the second time, I’m attempting the Guinness World Record for “Most Chest to Ground Burpees in 12 Hours” on November 14th, 2022.

I tried it once in 2019, unsuccessfully, but now I’m going to give it another shot!

What I’d like to do (other than attempt to beat the world record of course) is raise money for a healthy relationship between kids and food, something I struggled with when I was young.

So I’m raising money for “The Nutrition Center” in Pittsfield’s “Food Adventures” program.

It teaches hands-on cooking skills, kitchen safety, how to prepared balanced meals, local food production as well as inspiring kids to be more adventurous with new tastes and foods. It’s not just a nutrition education program, it’s a form of preventative medicine and academic support!

34% of children in Berkshire County are overweight, and we’re in the 90th percentile for physical inactivity, teenage pregnancies, and low birth weights. Western Mass was identified as the state’s region with the highest percentage of overweight adults (61%).

Without the knowledge to make smarter choices, prevalent health issues and their related economic hardships have serious health implications for Berkshire residents. Eating patterns and behaviors are developed throughout the critical ages of 5 through 18. Since 2009, Food Adventures through the Nutrition Center has delivered 1,200 classes to some 7,000 Berkshire County school-age children! Most children were introduced to new, novel foods and nearly 70% of students of all ages indicated that they would eat the foods if they cook it like they did in class!

Every $250 received allows them to teach a “Food Adventures” class to 15-20 kids in the Berkshires, so I think together, we can make a big impact!


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