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Based on 92 lost pounds, each worth $6.20

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Support Chucky Rosa in the fight against the Opioid Epidemic

Chucky’s Fight is a charity, local to seacoast NH, established and run by Chucky Rosa and his wife Mary. Chucky is a leader in the fight against the terrible opioid epidemic that has plagued New England and New Hampshire especially. I am a witness of the time and extraordinary efforts that Chucky and Mary have put into this battle. They are very effective and make a difference in the lives of many people. On many occasions people have said that Chucky had “saved their lives.” On average, 6 people a week are sponsored by Chucky’s Fight into rehab facilities to try to get clean. The financial cost to fulfill these sponsorship’s are tremendous. My goal is to raise enough money that Chucky can sponsor people, trying to get clean, in rehab facilities for 6 months with the money raised for him to use.

For those of you who don’t know me or haven’t known me for very long, I never used to be this big. I was always a bigger guy, but I would train 6 days a week and I had a successful athletic career through high school and college. Physical condition was something I took very seriously and my conditioning was exceptional. When I was in the Marines I was well respected within my unit for being in great shape and outrunning most Marines in my division on fitness tests.

Since I left the military, I stopped training and I rapidly put on weight. I have been living an unhealthy lifestyle and eating consistently to excess. I have ballooned to an embarrassing 314 lbs. It’s time I turn it around. My goal is to lose 92 lbs and settle back into my fight weight of 220 lbs. I will do this from April 8, 2018 til Sep 22. That gives me 24 weeks and if I average 3.9 lbs a week I’ll hit my goal. On September 22nd I will finish this journey by racing in the North East Tough Mudder. I will start a team and I encourage anyone who would like to join my team to reach out for information.

I am willing to pay the cost to get healthy again. It will take a lot of time and discipline, and it will be very painful to get back into training after such a long absence. It will be worth it for me in the end, but please support Chucky’s Fight and the exceptional work that Chucky and Mary do together. This money will literally save the lives of our friends and neighbors. Virtually no one has not been affected by the opioid epidemic, most of us have lost someone. Let’s help those who want to be clean , to get clean.

Here is the link to the Chucky’s Fight website for more information.


DateNamelost poundsEarned
4/8Initial Weigh in0-
4/22First progress check (Goal: 16lbs lost)14$87
5/6Progress Check (Goal: 32lbs lost)20$124
5/20Progress Check (Goal: 42 lbs lost)0-
6/3Progress Check (Goal 50 lbs lost)0-
6/17Progress check (Goal: 58lbs lost)--
7/1Progress check (Goal: 65 lbs lost)--
7/15Progress check (Goal: 72 lbs lost)--
7/29Progress Check (Goal: 77 lbs lost)--
8/12Progress check (Goal: 82 lbs lost)--
8/26Progress check (Goal: 86lbs lost)--
9/9Progress check (Goal: 90 lbs lost)--
9/21Final Weigh in! (Goal: 94lbs)--

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