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Jen's Heart to Heart Weight Loss Challenge

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Based on 10 lost pounds, each worth $17.49

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I'm attempting to lose weight for myself and in commemoration of my dad, so please pledge it forward!

This year I turn 35 years old, the same age that my father was when he passed away of a heart attack.

This last fall I had some heart tests done and it was revealed to me that my heart is currently in the shape of a 46yr old. Also, I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and am significantly overweight. I feel I am on the fast track to heart disease and the same fate that has hit my father’s side of the family going back for generations.

The buck stops here.

For my birthday (April 23rd), I want to honor his and my 35 years on this planet by making this promise for us that I will lose 36lbs between March 5th and the anniversary of his death date of June 29th. I chose 36 pounds for this challenge because I wanted to shed a pound per year of life and then an extra pound to signify hope that I can change my life for the better and live the full life that he never got to have. I plan to be fueled by the love of my father and the support of you and those closest to me.

I am choosing the American Heart Association to donate the money to, to hopefully bring awareness, and help to continue the fight against heart disease.

Please help me commemorate my father, Michael Jones, and support my journey through this weight loss challenge.

From my heart to yours, dad, I love and miss you and hope to make you proud. <3


DateNamelost poundsEarned
3/5Starting Weigh-in (232.5) --
3/162nd Weigh-in3.50$61
3/233rd Weigh-in1$17
4/64th Weigh-in1$17
4/135th Weigh-in0-
4/206th Weigh-in0-
4/277th Weigh-in0-
5/48th Weigh-in0.50$9
5/119th Weigh-in0-
5/1810th Weigh-in1$17
5/2511th Weigh-in0-
6/812th Weigh-in0-
6/1513th Weigh-in0-
6/22Final Weigh-in0-

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