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*** Please SHARE! #MelissaDiegel #HelpMelissaNow #Miracle42S #AMiracleForTwoSisters** (Search: Northwest Liberty News,, Steel Truth, Megan Fox)

UPDATE: Melissa is in desperate need of help. While we have all raised the $10,000 for a bail bond fee, we do not have the required $100,000 collateral. She has been in jail for months causing her to miss a very needed surgery in her abdomen. She has an intestinal blockage and severe heart issues. She needs emergency care now and it is being denied to her by the Miracopa County Estrella jail.

My sister is an innocent Mother who, in good faith, trusted her doctors and Phoenix Children’s Hospital to care for, protect, and look out for the best interest of her daughters who were both born with physical and spectrum disorders. That is not at all what has happened here. My nieces were taken illegally through DCS (CPS). My nieces were medically kidnapped. What I, and others have witnessed… Our testimonies along with countless documents, medical tests and audio files, will be exposed. This truth will exonerate her, free her children, and point to those who are responsible for the destruction of innocent families for monetary gain.

Our most immediate goal is to get Melissa out of jail and out of medical danger. Next… We need a private attorney NOW, But cannot afford one.

Ways to help: 1). Donate what you are able. 2). Please tell friends and family. 3). Get the word out to the media, as many sources as possible. Let's go mainstream.

Most of all, most importantly, we ask for your prayers to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We believe in miracles!

If you would like to send a postcard to Melissa, please follow directions below.

God bless you all.

The family of Melissa, Kayla, and Hannah Diegel.

HOW TO SEND POSTCARDS: Send only metered postcards (cheap and you can buy them at the post office). Neither stamps nor letters are allowed.

Make sure your post card is at least 3.5 inches by 4.25 inches but no more than 4.25 inches by 6 inches. Use blue or black ink when you write your postcard. Do not use any other color. Do not use markets, crayons, or paint. Only ink is acceptable. Ensure that your postcard is not wrapped with plastic, defaced, watermarked, altered, or stained. No frangrances. Postcards with any kind of biohazard are not permitted. Do not place any labels or stickers on your postcard.

MAIL TO: Melissa Diegel Inmate #T557461 Lower Buckeye Jail 3250 West Lower Buckeye Jail Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85009


Melissa Diegel is a warrior in the fight against medical kidnapping. In 2014, Phoenix Children’s Hospital removed her medically fragile daughters through the use of DCS. Through a procurement contract with the state of Arizona, Phoenix Children’s Hospital profits for each child they turn over to become a ward of the state. In addition, once the child becomes a ward, the child can be used in drug trials and medical studies. Children are suffering as they are experimented upon. The Diegel case was one of the first to go international, raising awareness and helping the term “Medical Kidnapping” to go viral. Melissa has greatly exposed the corrupt system and the people involved. In their attempt to discredit and “quiet” her and the truth, she now sits in jail and desperately needs our help. Please donate… even $1 will make a difference! Her case is world renown and sets a precedent for any medical kidnapping case that follows… Her case is critical to the future of children being saved and preventing them from becoming “guinea kids”.


Even before Melissa’s daughters were medically kidnapped, Melissa was a vital part of the community. She owned, directed and taught at Little Butterfly’s Preschool where she had developed a phenomenal, hands-on teaching program loved by the children and parents alike. She volunteered at her church by helping abused women by providing rides to and from church. In addition, Melissa helped church families whose children had special needs, by developing education plans, which allowed their children to maximize their potential.

Melissa has struggled for years with health issues such as a heart condition, stage 3 Endometriosis, and an immune deficiency disease. She has never let her health slow her down and she poured her heart and soul in to everything she did, and continues to do so. She has always loved families, children, and animals and has been highly proactive as a well-known advocate for over 20 years. Now she sits in Florida’s Marion County jail for all her hard work and efforts to protect all Medically Kidnapped children. Soon She will be transferred back to Arizona for trial.

Melissa’s story is incredible and she so deserved to have all of our support at this critical time! Please consider donating… No amount is too small… We are fighting for truth, we are fighting for justice for Melissa Diegel, her girls, our family, and for all the children who have been MEDICALLY KIDNAPPED. God Bless you.

Please SHARE! #MelissaDiegel #HelpMelissaNow #Miracle42S

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