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Fortnite For Those With Medical Needs!

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Help us raise money for those in need of medical assistance!


How to donate: We are asking for pledge donations for each Fortnite win we earn during an 8-hour stream!

The cause: Helping families and individuals with medical expense needs through the Jereme Dudzinski Foundation

Date: Saturday, September 29th

Time: 12pm - 8pm EST

Maximum wins toward donations (max you would donate is pledge amount times this number): 10


Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by the page to help us with a really important cause.

For those you that do not know me, I’m J-Mack, a gaming streamer on Mixer! Many other streamers are creating special charity fundraisers to help various organizations raise funds for extremely important causes.

I am partnering with my good friends at the Jereme Dudzinski Foundation to raise money for those with medical funding needs. Many of us have friends or family that have been in situations where they may need medical assistance but just cannot afford the procedures or help needed to receive the correct care. The Jereme Dudzinski Foundation is aiming to help as many families and individuals with these needs as they can, in hopes that they can impact lives in a substantial way.

Through foundation grants, the foundation has been able to help 14 families in the past 4 years. They have assisted with paying medical bills, travel expenses, lodging, meals, and rent. These grants help families stay afloat during extremely difficult times.

Within the past year, the Jereme Dudzinski Foundation has also partnered with the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation and has been able to assist 42 families with a total of 80 grants!


As many other streamers do these days, we are playing a lot of Fortnite with our friends and followers. Winning this game is truly a feat but a very rewarding one!

During an 8 hour stream taking place on September 29th, I am hoping that we can donate to the Jereme Dudzinski Foundation for each win that we earn during the time period. We are asking those seeking up help us pledge a donation amount toward each win! To help everyone understand the maximum they might donate, there will be a maximum of 10 wins during this time period. For example, if you pledge a donation of $2 per win, the maximum donation would be $20. If we only win 5 games, your total donation would be $10.

As for the details of the game, I will be playing squad matches with various friends and followers throughout the stream. This means that there will be various levels of talent playing with me as well. Wins will be deemed by the rules of Fortnite.


The Jereme Dudzinski Foundation was established after the sudden death of Jereme Dudzinski, on November 27, 2013. His friends and family thought what better way to remember him than to help others, as he often did. The foundation was formed to benefit others who are faced with financial hardship due to medical expenses.

The Jereme Dudzinski Foundation is a tax exempt public charity under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, providing financial assistance to individuals/families from the Mon Valley Area who are faced with financial hardship due to medical expenses. The foundation is an all-volunteer, non-profit corporation. No salaries or monies of any kind are paid out to our officers or volunteers. All contributions and event proceeds, less operating expenses, go directly to those in need.

Through individual and corporate donations and the support of people who attend our year-round events, we pledge to make every cent count toward our mission of helping to provide financial assistance.

For more information, please visit:


If you would like to check out my stream or learn more about me, please feel free to check me out at


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