Labor Day Weekend Push Up Challenge

$50 Total Raised

By now, everyone has heard about the death toll and heartbreak that the opioid epidemic has brought into every neighborhood in America. Today, the most critical shortage facing the opioid crisis is the access to long-term rehabilitation. The need for assistance is urgent.

Best-selling author and recovering heroin addict, Ritchie Farrell has teamed up with the Dennis Messing Memorial Foundation to launch the Labor Day Pushup Challenge in order to raise money for Sober Living. Over Labor Day Weekend, do as many pushups as possible and collect pledges for every pushup you record.

To register for the Pushup Challenge, click on the green "Create Your Campaign" button. Follow the simple instructions to launch your campaign. Make sure to share your campaign with family and friends, and feel free to call out or challenge a couple people to accept the challenge with you! Remember to take a video of your pushups and post it on social media.

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