Forces on the Move Challenge

$10,466 Total Raised

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The USO of NC, founded in 1941, is the lead organization charged with supporting service members and their families in the state of North Carolina. We are proud to stand as the force behind our Forces when it comes to responding to the pressing needs of our military community. Even in times of adversity, the USO of NC does not shut down, instead we work even harder to rapidly deploy vital resources and champion our service members who serve us every day.

This spring, we want to encourage military families, friends, and supporters to get out and get moving through the VIRTUAL Forces on the Move Challenge! Join us as we walk, run, jog, cycle, golf, hike, and ruck our way to providing much-needed funds for our service members. Make your miles count for the best cause of all – our nation’s heroes.


Can I participate when walking my dog? Yes! What about when I go for my daily run or jog? Yes! What about during a ruck march? Yup! Can I log the miles I walk while on the golf course? Also yes! There are MANY ways to get those miles in and we encourage you to be as creative as you want! Just be sure to keep track of your completed miles and log them to your Pledge It account weekly.


Whatever you want! But here are a few suggestions:

Weekly Goal:

7 – The number of months since the Seymour Johnson Center opened

12 – The total number of USO centers in North Carolina

14 – The number of years since the Charlotte USO of NC Center opened

16 – The number of years since the RDU USO of NC Center opened

Monthly Goal:

79 – The number of years the USO has been operating in the state of North Carolina

102 – The age of Fort Bragg

128 – The number of miles from Camp Lejeune to Fort Bragg


  1. After launching your Forces on the Move campaign, click on “Dashboard” in the upper right-hand corner

  2. Click on your campaign

  3. Click on “Enter Weekly Results” to log your miles for the week


The Forces on the Move Challenge is a great opportunity to come together as a team to boost morale, encourage exercise, and make a huge impact on our military. It’s as easy as setting up a campaign with your company’s name and deciding on a collective mileage goal across your organization. Your company can then sponsor dollars per each mile the team completes. Each week, participating employees will report the miles they accomplished and the designated account administrator will add it to the platform so that your fans and employees can follow the progress. You can chose to set up and manage your company’s account OR allow the USO of NC to help by managing it for you.


By supporting a Forces on the Move participant, you are supporting the USO of NC and our service members and their families. You can make a pledge per each mile they log OR make a one-time flat donation. EVERY cent counts and greatly increases our ability to be as efficient as possible when responding to the needs of our military. THANK YOU for your commitment!

*When participating in the Challenge, we encourage everyone to stay safe and adhere to all social-distancing policies recommended by our state and the national government.