2019 Vail Shootout

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Lacrosse teams are pledging their support during the Vail Lacrosse Shootout from Saturday, June 29th, to Sunday, July 7th, to support the Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation (CPWLF).

Teams are inviting family and friends to make a pledge per point scored during their games or to make a one-time donation. This is a fun and interactive way for players to have an impact and make their performance count on and off the field.

Our goal at the Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation is to share, support and inspire severely injured and sick lacrosse players, many of whom are children with cancer, and their families. We started in 2014, and we have only scratched the surface. We need your help to reach more families in need. These are real families, neighbors and friends who are dealing with tough life challenges. CPWLF Support Moments with Casey or an Ambassador have had a tremendously positive impact on their journeys to recovery.

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