2018 "Today We Ride" Challenge

$24,719 Total Raised

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Life can be defined as two dates and a dash between. But living means making that dash as full of experiences as possible. That’s why the Downhill Derelicts are once-again partnering with the Whistler Adaptive Sports Program (WASP), a non-profit organization that empowers those with disabilities through sport for life by breaking down the financial, physical and social barriers as well as creating skills that will lead to future employment within sport and beyond.

Last March, through the generosity of many family, friends, and colleagues, the Downhill Derelicts along with the American Friends of Whistler raised over $20,000 for WASP. We’re excited to bring back our ‘TODAY WE RIDE’ challenge for 2018.

Sponsor a Downhill Derelict of your choice (or pick more than one) and pledge just 1-cent ($.01) per 100-vertical feet they ski in the ‘TODAY WE RIDE’ challenge, a five-day ski-a-thon to ski as many vertical feet as they can, all in support of WASP. You can also opt to make a one-time flat donation. Either way, the Downhill Derelicts are going to earn every penny through sweat, grit, and with quadriceps on fire by weeks’ end.

So help us make the ‘dash’ as full of experiences for those with all ranges of disabilities. As any Downhill Derelict will tell you, “Yesterday is past. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. So today we ride."