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Fighting for Fighters: supporting domestic violence survivors

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I'm excited to share that I’m running a pledge campaign called Fighting for Fighters: supporting domestic violence survivors. I believe in the mission of this charity and hope that you’ll consider supporting me. Please help me reach my campaign goal of $1,000 by donating now. I really appreciate your support. Thank you!

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I am a mom of two, personal trainer for postpartum women, dancer, choreographer, and boxing enthusiast. I have been boxing just under a year, but have an audacious goal of fighting one match (and winning). I want to use this opportunity to support other women through this process as well, and have chosen to support the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. I am blessed and grateful to have a supportive family and husband who is 100% on board with my boxing endeavor, and has encouraged me to push even further and test the boundaries of my strength. Boxing has helped me become confident and more fearless, and I wish every woman experiencing domestic violence, past or present, can find their voice again. This is why I am using my boxing journey to literally fight for other women out there! Thank you for your support in my mission to bring awareness to domestic violence and help support women find their fight too.

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For those of you who work for companies that do gift matching and would like your donation and match amount represented on my page, I ask that you please donate directly to using their EIN:  91-1081344, and emailing me, , the amount you’ve donated along with the gift amount matched by your employer.

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