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Father Tom's Dollars for Pounds

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Based on 50 lost pounds, each worth $661.13

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Please help me lose weight and raise money for our Recovery Endowment!

Dear Friends,

The Board of Trustees is always asking me about my health and our succession plan. One of the things that is extremely important is for me to maintain my health. The honest truth is that I need to lose the weight I’ve gained over the last four to five years. I have agreed to begin a weight-loss regimen that will help me lose 50 pounds over the next eight months. Dr. Bill Kober, a friend and benefactor of Enders island, will be supervising my progress.

One way you can encourage me to lose the weight is to help me raise money for the long-term financial viability of the Island. Losing weight is difficult and I’m hoping your pledges per lost pound will keep me focused on my goals.

You’ve heard of these kinds of programs before: people sponsoring someone to run a mile or to shave their head. My goal is to raise $50,000 while losing 50 pounds by January 1, 2020. All the money we raise will go into the Recovery Endowment for the long-term support and financial viability of our Recovery Residence.

Beginning May 1, Dr. Kober will weigh me in, check my blood pressure, and test my general health. Then, on the first of each month, he will weigh me in to certify the weight I lost that month. Payments will be made monthly based on your initial pledge.

I’m inviting you to make a pledge per each lost pound I record during my weight loss journey. You can pledge any dollar amount. You can also make a one-time flat donation.

Thank you for supporting and your generosity. We are stronger together!


DateNamelost poundsEarned
5/1Initial Weigh-In0-
6/1June Weigh-In22$14,545
7/1July Weigh-In8$5,289
8/1August Weigh-In10$6,611
9/1September Weigh-In3$1,983
10/1October Weigh-In1.50$992
11/1November Weigh-In0-
12/1December Weigh-In0-
1/1January Weigh-In0-
2/1February Weigh-In1$661
3/1Final Weigh-In--
St. Edmund's Retreat, Inc.

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St. Edmund's Retreat, Inc.

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