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For nearly 40 years, Carrollwood Players Theatre has been a place where people come together. As we face current challenges, we can still come together, while staying apart, and support each other and the arts while doing it.

We’re launching this campaign to sustain our sense of togetherness and community, and to raise funds for Carrollwood Players. We hope to help you combat quarantine boredom and get in motion!

For 30 days, we will be hosting various activities, many with theater themes, on Facebook Live. We encourage virtual participation from home! We want to encourage everyone to join us online over the next 30 days to promote physical activity and mental stimulation, all while fostering the sense of community and family that is so important to our Carrollwood Players family and the entire community we serve.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE - head for the CWP in Motion Facebook Page to access the special CWP in Motion events live as they are happening. You can just watch, of course, but it’s even better to participate while our Champions are performing their activity!

SECOND - make a monetary pledge to support Carrollwood Players, a place where everyday people from all walks of life can participate in and learn about the magic of creating live theatre. You can pledge a dollar amount per event, with a maximum of 60 events to be held within 30 days, or you can make a one time donation.

THIRD - Promote our efforts by sharing with all your friends on social media. There is no limit to the number of people who can watch our Facebook Live events!

FOURTH - Consider becoming a CWP Champion yourself! Reach out to us via our Facebook Page if you’d like to host a live activity! We will have a maximum of 60 events, up to twice a day for 30 days, so space is limited.

As always, Carrollwood Players is grateful for your incredible support.

We thank our volunteers and performers for giving their time and talents, our audiences for giving their appreciation, and our donors who make everything possible with their financial generosity.

We are committed to continuing our mission of entertainment and artistic expression, whether onstage or online. Thank you for being there for us and we look forward to being there for you through these trying times.

All support received through Pledge It is tax-deductible and goes directly to Carrollwood Players Theatre, less a small 2.9% plus $.30 to the credit card processing company. No other overhead costs will be deducted from this fundraiser.

Carrollwood Players, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

A copy of the official registration and financial information my be obtained from the Florida Division of Consumer Services by calling toll-free (800-435-7352) within the state.

Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state.


4/5Tiger's Broadway Singalong Walk1$25
4/5My CWP History with Marc1$25
4/6Walk & Talk - Ask Jim about CWP1$25
4/6Amy's Pause with Paws1$25
4/6Let's Get Physical with Harts & Hips1$25
4/7Tiger's Broadway Singalong Walk - Full Moon Edition1$25
4/8Kid & Grownup Fun Time with Tiger - Learn Scarf Juggling1$25
4/8Alicia's Sunset Stretch to De-Stress1$25
4/9Georgia's Accent on Cooking1$25
4/10Scavenger Hunt Improv with Judy1$25
4/11At Home Manicures with Addy's Salon1$25
4/11Keeping Creative with Jeron and Taby1$25
4/12Broadway Trivia with Tiger1$25
4/12Walk & Talk: Getting Up & Involved with Community Theater with Thomas1$25
4/12Dress Up, Dance and Feel Good with Cheryl1$25
4/13Walk & Talk - Ask Jim about CWP1$25
4/13Let's Get Physical with Harts & Hips1$25
4/14Amy's Pause with Paws1$25
4/14Broadway Singalong Walk with Tiger1$25
4/15Sewing Class: Making Masks with Deb1$25
4/15Alicia's Sunset Stretch to De-Stress1$25
4/16Georgia's Accent on Cooking1$25
4/16Rub a Pup Pup with Addy1$25
4/17Movie Trivia with Tiger1$25
4/18Theater Ghost Stories with Jim1$25
4/18Dress Up, Dance and Feel Good Kid Edition with Cheryl1$25
4/18Keeping Creative with Jeron and Taby1$25
4/19Make Up and Get Wiggy with Karli1$25
4/19Manicures at Home with Bling with Addy1$25
4/20Walk & Talk - Ask Jim about CWP1$25
4/20Let's Get Physical with Harts & Hips1$25
4/21Tiger's Kids Fun with Bubbles1$25
4/21Taby's Cartoon Workshop1$25
4/22Amy's Pause with Paws1$25
4/22Alicia's Sunset Stretch to De-Stress1$25
4/23Georgia's Accent on Cooking1$25
4/23Super Cute Sock Bunny Crafting with Alicia1$25
4/24Piano Time with Jeanette Burmister1$25
4/25Zoom Karaoke1$25
4/25Superhero School with Tiger1$25
4/25Keeping Creative with Jeron and Taby1$25
4/26Debating 007 with Marc & Miguel1$25
4/26Alicia's Sunset Stretch to De-Stress1$25
4/27Walk & Talk - Ask Jim about CWP1$25
4/27Let's Get Physical with Harts & Hips1$25
4/28Pirate Practice with Tiger1$25
4/28Taby's Cartoon Workshop1$25
4/29Amy's Pause with Paws1$25
4/29Sound Design Basics with Jim1$25
4/30Georgia's Accent on Cooking1$25
4/30Taby's Cartoon Workshop1$25
5/1Drag Queen Roulette with Annie1$25
5/2Royal Tutorial for Princes and Princesses1$25
5/2Cosplay Parade and Competition1$25
5/3Reading with Roachie1$25
5/3Discussing Star Wars with M&M0-
5/4Yoga for the Non Flexible with Dawn1$25

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