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Cloudy With A Chance Of Handballs For Terra Nova

Proceeds benefit Terra Nova Uganda


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Goals for Terra Nova

To help raise funds for Terra Nova Uganda, an incredible organization using education and soccer to build a stronger community in Kampala, Uganda, we will donate money for every goal we score this season.


9/25CWACOHB vs Selecta3$15
10/2CWACOHB vs TMNT2$10
10/8Juan Thomas vs CWACOHB0-
10/17CWACOHB vs Razzle Dazzle Squad0-
10/23Net 6 & Chill vs CWACOHB3$15
10/30Fake Madrid vs CWACOHB1$5
11/5CWACOHB vs Iron Horse II0-
11/13Selecta vs CWACOHB4$20
11/20TMNT vs CWACOHB1$5
11/27CWACOHB vs Juan Thomas0-

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This campaign benefits

Terra Nova Uganda

Verified Charity

School, soccer, and leadership programs for the Bunga Community in Kampala, Uganda.

Contributions made to this campaign are tax-deductible.

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