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Brian's Weight Loss Challenge for Charity

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Based on 15 pounds lost, each worth $60

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Help me lose weight and raise money for child victims of abuse

Dear Friends, Family, Colleagues, and Generous Visitors,

Up until my early twenties I was an extremely active person. I basically lived on a soccer field, playing competitively in my youth and into college. I was fit, energetic, social, and I felt pretty damn good most of the time. But since that final whistle blew in my final college soccer game, it has been a slow descent from mildly out of of shape, to chubby, to I am not going to like this picture no matter what angle you take it from. I assumed that at some point I would get back in shape, break out of my funk, and get back to feeling good about myself again.

Now I am 32 and am blessed to be happily married, with two beautiful sons, and two goofy dogs. But, instead of losing the weight I planned to shed, I gained some more. I now weigh 260 pounds, 80 pounds heavier than the 180 I weighed in college. It is time for drastic action. I am done with making excuses.

I want to change myself for the better, and feel better. I want to get healthy and set an example for my sons. I also want to make a positive impact on my community. This pledge campaign is where those two desires converge. I am raising money for an awesome organization Tree House (CAC of Montgomery County Maryland). You can make a flat donation or pledge money for every pound that I lose. I am pledging to lose 30 pounds over the next 3 months, so if you pledge $1 per pound that would be a $30 donation to child victims of abuse.

Tree house describes themselves on their website as “dedicated to reducing trauma and promoting healing for child victims of physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect. Through an innovative collaborative process between the private and public sectors, key professionals come together on behalf of the best interests of victims. This effective early intervention is essential to ensure that an abused child or adolescent develops into a healthy and productive adult, capable of forming trusting and loving relationships. Underpinning the work of The Tree House is the belief that the cycle of child abuse can be broken and the knowledge that child abuse and neglect is preventable!”

Please take the time to make a donation and spread the word. Help me stay motivated to get healthy and more importantly help an organization dedicated to helping deserving children in need.

Thanks for all of your support!

Brian J


DateNamepounds lostEarned
5/12 Week Weigh In6$360
5/154 Week Weigh-In4$240
5/296 Week Weigh-In0-
6/128 Week Weigh-In0-
6/2610 Week Weigh-In1$60
7/10Final 3 Month Weigh-In 4$240

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