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Top 10 Fundraising Tips for High Schools

Congratulations on launching your Pledge It fundraising campaign! Check out the below fundraising tips that have helped teams and athletes launch successful fundraising campaigns. We’ve put together some fundraising tips and best practices to ensure your fundraising campaign maximizes its fundraising potential. Be sure to set aside time to read each section.

These tips are designed to help you promote your campaign, turn casual fans into excited supporters, and ultimately maximize your fundraising potential. The team at Pledge It is here to help make your campaign a massive success!

#1 - Make the first pledge yourself

No one likes to see a zero on the scoreboard -- just like no one wants to be the first to give to a campaign. You’ve committed to help your favorite cause, make a pledge to show your support!

#2 - Ask players to create a personal Fundraiser link

Your fundraising campaign allows players to sign up as Fundraisers. Each player can create a personal fundraising link to share with family and friends. Every time someone pledges to their personal link, they will receive credit for the pledge and climb the Fundraiser Leaderboard.

  • Go to your fundraising campaign page and click “Become a Fundraiser” button
  • Copy the Fundraiser page link and share it with your players
  • Ask each player to create their own Fundraiser link

The Fundraiser feature is a great way for you to keep your players accountable and motivated to spread the word.

#3 - Email 10 of your family members & friends to make a pledge

It’s a fact - people won’t give unless they’re asked. Send a quick email and ask them to support your team’s fundraising campaign. Coaches and players that personally send 10 emails raise 75% more money - go for it!

#4 - Invite a parent, assistant coach or booster club member to help manage & promote your campaign

We get it - fundraising is difficult. Fortunately, you don’t have to do this alone. You can invite a parent, assistant coach or member of your school’s booster club to be a co-manager of your campaign.

  • Go to and sign into your account
  • Click on your fundraising campaign page
  • Click ‘Manage Users’ and enter the email address(es) of people you’d like to help with the campaign.

If you have questions about how to invite a co-manager to your campaign, please send us an email to

#5 - Invite alumni groups from your school or team

Alumni are always looking for ways to get involved with their alma mater. Alumni also have the financial means to make big pledges to your campaign. Ask your school administrators and athletic director to provide the names and email addresses of all alumni members. Email alumni and ask them to make a pledge to your campaign.

#6 - Encourage players to recruit other students

Helping your players understand how your cause impacts others is a huge motivator. Ask players to come up with ideas to get other students excited about the campaign. How can the cheerleaders get involved? Would the band be interested in raising money? Can the student government help organize a pep-rally? Go crazy!

#7 - Give yourself and players enough time to promote your campaign

Start promoting and sharing your campaign 3-4 weeks prior to your first game. This is enough time to build hype in your school and get your community to rally around your campaign. It’s also a short enough time period to ensure that hype doesn’t fizzle before the first coin toss.

#8 - Invite local businesses to make a pledge to your campaign

Receiving the support of local businesses in your community can be a key to launching a successful campaign. The most effective way of receiving support from a local business is to simply ask! Invite the local business to make a pledge or one-time flat donation.

#9 - Post on your team’s and school’s social media pages

Social media is an easy way to share your campaign with the community. Social media posts have a low conversion rate so do not rely on social media as your primary source of spreading the word about your campaign. Social media is a great tool for providing updates and building awareness.

#10 - Promote at the game

When is your team at the forefront of everyone’s mind? During the game of course! So leverage that time to promote your campaign. Make an announcement on the PA system, handout flyers to fans as they enter the stadium, or leave flyers on seats. Your fundraising campaign is completely mobile friendly, which allows fans in the stadium to pull out their phone and easily make a pledge.

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Published on December 1, 2016

by JohnPaul Bennett

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