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TeamBuildr, the leading online strength and conditioning software, and PLEDGE IT, the leading online sports fundraising platform, are joining forces to provide coaches with an easy, seamless fundraising tool to use with their teams.

We're excited to announce PLEDGE IT has teamed up with TeamBuildr in order to provide their coaches with an easy fundraising tool.

It's no secret that states are making significant budgets cuts to high schools. Last year, 35 states provided less funding to their school systems than they did in 2014. Unfortunately, school boards have been reducing funds to high school interscholastic sports. This is problematic since high school sports are an integral part of high school education and

As a result of these budget cuts, coaches are increasingly being asked to lead fundraising efforts at their schools – on top of being expected to be a legendary coach, great role model, and strong mentor. Coaches are spending too much time fundraising and not enough time coaching.

TeamBuildr and PLEDGE IT team up to change this reality for coaches.

With PLEDGE IT, TeamBuildr coaches will be able to spend less time fundraising and more time coaching. Additionally, coaches will keep more funds than traditional fundraising activities. PLEDGE IT provides coaches with fundraising resources and tips to help their team launch and run the most successful fundraising campaigns.

This also means coaches can stop running traditional fundraising activities such as selling cookie dough or candy. Traditional fundraising is too costly and time consuming for coaches in today's demanding environment.

If you own a TeamBuildr account, you will find the "Fundraising" tab under Coach Tools. If you have any questions please email PLEDGE IT at

Since 2014, PLEDGE IT has helped professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, MLL, PGA, LPGA and Olympics support their favorite charities, as well as countless colleges, high schools and youth teams.

PLEDGE IT has also worked with large charities such as The American Cancer Society, UNICEF, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia and the Ronald McDonald House and has been featured on ESPN, USA TODAY, Fox Sports, MSNBC, Sports Illustrated and Ellen DeGeneres Show.