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Last year more than 4,600 children between the ages of 0-9 were diagnosed with a brain tumor. When Bri and Andy Hoffman’s son, Jack, was diagnosed at only 6 years old with pediatric brain cancer, they decided to create Team Jack Foundation to raise money for pediatric brain cancer research.

Through working collaboratively with families impacted by pediatric brain tumors, and other childhood cancer foundations, Team Jack’s involvement in the pediatric brain cancer fight is causing a worldwide ripple effect. Team Jack squeezes as much impact out of every dollar raised as possible. Their philosophy is to impact now, not tomorrow. Team Jack’s objective is to fund research at the top research centers in the world.

However, every year it becomes increasingly more difficult for Team Jack to engage their supporters in new ways. Even the most loyal supporters of Team Jack desire a new experience of giving to their favorite cause. Their team started looking for a new ways to get their donors excited about giving.

Performance-based Fundraising

In 2014, Team Jack decided to breakthrough the conventional cycle of asking their donors to give by launching a performance-based fundraising campaign with one of their Ambassadors, Alex Gordon of the Kansas City Royals.

Using, Team Jack launched the “Hits for Team Jack” campaign where fans had the option to pledge any dollar amount for every hit Alex recorded during the World Series.

With the support of Team Jack enthusiasts and Kanas City Royals fans, Team Jack was able to exceed their campaign goal by over 20%. Team Jack successfully raised $6,208 in only a few weeks.

You can view the campaign here:

“PledgeIt has revolutionized online crowdfunding and non-profit fundraising. It is an engaging and interactive tool that gets donors excited about your cause.” Andy Hoffman at Team Jack Foundation and father of 2013 ESPY Winner Jack Hoffman

Aligning Giving to Sports

Performance-based fundraising provided Team Jack a new way to fundraise and engage their supporters. More importantly, Team Jack was able to acquire a new group of loyal supporters to their mission: Kansas City Royals fans.

The power of performance-based fundraising is that it aligns giving to a game or an event where there is existing excitement, and centers the campaign on an athletes or teams performance.

Specifically, Team Jack successfully ran a successful campaign by using a different fundraising tool. Secondly, they aligned the “ask” of giving around the World Series games where there was already excitement. Lastly, Team Jack centered the campaign on Alex Gordon’s performance – getting hits in the World Series.

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