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What is PLEDGE IT?

PLEDGE IT is the leading online performance based fundraising platform. Performance based fundraising empowers athletes to raise money for their team or charity through their performance on the field. Fans can pledge any dollar amount for every touchdown, goal, or point scored, and then at the end of a game those pledges turn into donations directly benefiting the fundraising cause. Our mission is to make fundraising more fun and engaging for everyone involved. We believe donations should be earned, not given. Our athletes know every time they score, they are earning donations for their team's fundraising goals.

How does PLEDGE IT work?

PLEDGE IT is a performance based fundraising platform.

It’s an easy way for teams and athletes to create powerful and engaging fundraisers in a matter of minutes.

It works by letting you leverage a relationship with a team or athlete, and then creating a fundraiser where your supporters can donate by pledging dollars for a team or athlete’s performance.

It allows you to customize your fundraiser with photos, videos, and a personal message, and makes it incredibly easy to share your fundraiser with your supporters.

Once you launch your fundraiser, the team and athlete just needs to play the game they love and then your pledges automatically turn into donations that benefit your favorite cause.

Is it free to create a fundraiser on PLEDGE IT?

Yes, there are no restrictions to who can create a campaign. Any type of team, athlete, or individual can launch a fundraiser with us. There are no fees to create a campaign, no obligations or commitments, and you can launch your campaign whenever it’s ready.

Does anyone help with my fundraising campaign?

Yes, we have a marketing team that genuinely cares about your fundraiser. We assign a Fundraising Coach to every campaign. This means once you sign up and start building your fundraiser, you have unlimited access to someone who understands the best ways to fundraise and spread the word about your cause.

Successful campaigns don’t just happen because you have the most beautiful looking fundraiser page. It takes planning, time, care, and dedication to running a successful fundraiser.

If I have questions, will I be able to talk to a real person?

Yes, our support team is always here to answer questions. If you have questions at any point our team is here to help. You can email us at and we’ll respond within 12 hours.

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Published on June 10, 2014

by JohnPaul Bennett

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