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New Fundraising Initiative for Nonprofits: Hundred Hole Hike's

According to the latest survey by the Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum, revenues for the nation’s largest peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns dropped by 2.8 percent in 2016, marking the fourth straight year P2P programs faced declines. With this in mind, our team explored

Nonprofit P2P program declines highlight the emergence new fundraising programs that have largely been the result of more online fundraising tools

“Peer-to-peer fundraising continues to be an industry in flux,” said David Hessekiel, founder and president of the Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum. “Each year, we see a number of novel campaigns burst onto the scene — giving supporters the chance to raise money doing everything from playing video games to engaging in extreme challenges.

“But these new options continue to put pressure on long-running, brand-name programs. And some of these long-running programs are seeing their revenues decline as a result.”

Peer-to-peer fundraising is the practice of having a nonprofit’s supporters take part in an activity such as a walk, bike ride or challenge and reach out to their friends, family members and colleagues for donations.

Some popular programs — such as American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, March of Dimes’ March for Babies, and Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure Series — saw revenues decline by more than $10 million in 2016. For Relay for Life, which remains the nation’s largest P2P program, the decline was particularly stark. Revenues dropped $29 million in 2016 to $279 million.

Still, the latest fundraising results also show that some traditional programs are continuing to fare well.

American Heart Association’s Heart Walk, which started in 1980, saw revenues increase 5 percent to $123.1 million — making it the nation’s second-largest P2P program.

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light The Night Walk, meanwhile, saw revenues vault 12 percent to $68.5 million. Its increase of more than $7.3 million gave Light the Night the largest increase in terms of dollars raised in 2016.

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s Cycle for Survival event saw revenues increase by 20 percent to $30 million, giving it the largest percentage increase in the top 30.

“Once again this year, the P2P30 reminds us that in our wired, interconnected world, change is the only constant — and today’s charities must be willing to evolve, reinvent, and invest to grow,” said Jeff Shuck, CEO of Plenty, a consulting company and sponsor of the Peer-to-Peer Thirty. “And, it illustrates once again that there is no silver bullet for growth. Rather, sustained growth comes from a holistic worldview, authentic branding, cohesive strategy, and well-supported teams.”

On August 22, six golf enthusiasts participated in the Hundred Hole Hike at Claremont Country Club to raise money and awareness for Youth On Course (YOC). YOC provides its members with access to golf for $5 or less, summer jobs through its caddie and internship programs, and college scholarships. Learn how six golfers played more than 600 holes of golf and raised more than $25,000 for YOC in just one day!

Youth On Course operates in 10 states and is in the process of expanding nationally. It serves more than 15,000 youth annually, providing 120+ summer jobs, and nearly $250,000 in college scholarship funds. Fundraising is a crucial component to their efforts to increase member participation and program development. Using the power of sport for social good, six golf enthusiasts and loyal donors of Youth On Course raised more than $25,00 for YOC in just one day by attempting to play a

Founded in 2014, PLEDGE IT is an online fundraising platform that empowers teams and athletes to raise money based on their athletic performance for different causes. Fans can pledge any dollar amount for every touchdown, run or point scored to benefit their favorite cause (or team).

UNIQUE CAMPAIGN DETAILS INCLUDING INDIVIDUAL CAUSE AND WHY THAT CAUSE. (Example: After losing his mother, Carol, to breast cancer in 2003, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald has used his platform to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research. Fitzgerald’s PLEDGE IT campaign invited his fans to join his cause by pledging to support breast cancer with every catch and touchdown in October 2016.

MORE UNIQUE CAMPAIGN DETAILS including total amount raised, how many fans donated and the averages you use.


6 golfers 164 contributors 640 holes hiked $24,247 total raised $150 average donation 741 total visitors 25% visitor to confirmed contribution conversion rate (highest conversion was 43%, lowest was 10%) 79% pledge button to confirmed contribution conversion rate (highest conversion was 96%, lowest was 63%)

PLEDGE IT has become the leader in the online sports fundraising by empowering athletes and teams to raise money through their gameday performance. Our do-it-yourself platform makes it easy to create a campaign, share it with the community, collect pledges from fans, and process donations with every touchdown, home run, or goal scored. Athletes of all levels are using PLEDGE IT to support their favorite causes by simply playing the game they love!

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Published on October 13, 2016

by JohnPaul Bennett

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