Start a Campaign

Your campaign has launched. You have shared it with family, friends and the community. The media even ran an article about your story. Despite a lot of traffic to your campaign page you still haven't hit your goal. Keep reading to learn how to turn visitors into pledgers.

Did you know that fundraisers that take on a structured approach towards conversion optimization are twice as likely to see a large increase in donations to their campaign?

Most fundraisers typically get stuck in the "fundraise as usual syndrome" and forget to take a step back and assess what is working and what they can stop doing. It's important for you to take a day or two to review everything you've done to promote your campaign and critically look at what works. Remember, you want to test (and learn).

Here are some tips to convert visitors into pledgers:

Make Your Call-to-action Clear

Test Your Headline

Build Urgency

Promote Your Incentive

The important thing is to test and learn. Don't stop testing if your first test failed. Learn from it and keep experimenting.

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